Team Liquid wins LCS Spring Playoffs, secures spot in MSI 2024

Team Liquid celebrates its victory at the LCS Spring 2024 Grand Finals

Team Liquid took home League of Legends championship gold in the LCS 2024 Spring Playoffs finals by defeating FlyQuest and cemented itself a place in MSI 2024.

The LCS 2024 Spring Playoffs proved that League of Legends still has fire in its esports scene. Although Riot “put the LCS players in a closet” earlier in the year, many called the company out for focusing on Valorant. Fortunately, the spotlight was on League of Legends for the Spring Playoffs and the players stepped up accordingly.

The finals capped a classic comeback story for Team Liquid. In a close match, FlyQuest defeated Team Liquid in the upper bracket semifinals. From there, FlyQuest dominated Cloud9 to punch its ticket to the Grand Final. In the lower bracket, Team Liquid rallied, beating 100 Thieves and Cloud9 to reclaim its spot at the grand stage. This set up a grand finals rematch between Team Liquid and FlyQuest with a spot in the MSI 2024 Bracket Stage on the line.

Team Liquid tops FlyQuest 3-1 in LCS Spring Finals

Team Liquid returned from the losers bracket to beat FlyQuest 3-1 in the LCS 2024 Spring Playoffs Finals.

Game one saw Team Liquid win decisively in 25 minutes, highlighted by an impressive body count for Sean “Yeon” Sung, who had eight more kills than the entire FlyQuest team by the time the Nexus fell. Game two saw FlyQuest punch back forcefully, with each side taking heavy losses until FlyQuest closed the game with a victory at 30 minutes.

Unfortunately for FlyQuest, any championship dreams turned to dust as Team Liquid dominated games three and four. In the post-match interview, Team Liquid even trash-talked FlyQuest. After all the comments from FlyQuest’s Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau, many fans appreciated Team Liquid handing out receipts.

UmTi wins his first championship, secures first international event at MSI 2024

After eight years as a professional League of Legends esports player, Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon finally got a championship victory.

“All I can say is in my life, I didn’t have any (titles) in my career, now that I have (a title), I proved myself, guys,” UmTi emotionally said after being asked by the host how he felt about his first championship victory.

Not only is this the first championship for UmTi, MSI 2024 will also be his first trip to an international event after previously playing for middling Korean teams. UmTi also has the honor of being the first-ever Korean jungler to win an LCS title.  

Other notable milestones for Team Liquid include Jeong “Impact” Eon-young taking home his sixth LCS title after a decade of competitive play. It positions him to return to MSI with Team Liquid, where both parties will be hoping to do one better than the runner-up run in 2019. Interestingly, TL came up short against G2 Esports, which rebounded from a controversial Worlds 2023 run to become the first team guaranteed a spot in MSI.

Despite the loss, FlyQuest is also set to head to MSI as well. Team Liquid secured a spot in the Bracket Stage but FlyQuest has a path to vengeance with a spot in the Play-Ins.

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