The full Kengan Ashura read order, and where to read the manga

Tokita Ohma and Koga Narushima

The Kengan Ashura series is surprisingly easy to follow despite multiple manga series and crossovers; assuming fans read it in the right order.

The Kengan series, written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by Daromeon, began in 2012 for the Ura Sunday Shonen Magazine. Initially seen by many critics as “Baki the Grappler lite,” the series quickly carved out its own identity separate from other underground fighting manga.

Although over-the-top in its own right, the Kengan franchise showcases its love of mixed martial arts through beautifully violent illustrations and captivating storytelling.  The series is quite linear, and fans won’t be too confused once they know the proper reading order.

Is Kengan Ashura complete?

Kengan Ashura is a completed manga and finished serializing in 2018 but the author has started a sequel manga called Kengan Omega which started in 2019 and is still ongoing.

With 237 chapters compiled in a total of 27 volumes plus one prequel volume named Kengan Ashura Zero, the author told the story of Ohma Tokita to its conclusion. 

Kengan Omega takes place two years after the conclusion of the original manga and portrays the new protagonist Narushima Koga. Koga’s goal is to participate in Kengan matches while also searching for Tokita Ohma for a mysterious reason.

Several original characters from the Kengan Ashura return here such as Tokita Ohma’s ex-manager Yamashita Kazuo. Kazuo also becomes an important ally of Narushima Koga just like he was with Ohma. It’s recommended to read Kengan Ashura before starting Kengan Omega to understand the weight and importance of Omega’s characters and events

How to read the full Kengan Ashura manga series in order

Kengan Ashura is split into three manga series, which starts with Kengan Ashura.

  • Kengan Ashura
  • Kengan Ashura Zero
  • Kengan Omega

There are three mainline series in the Kengan storyline. Kengan Ashura, the first series, follows aging salesman Kazuo Yamashita as he becomes the unlikely handler of the mysterious Ohma Tokita, a talented fighter. Driven by pressure from Yamashita’s boss and Ohma’s bloodlust, the duo wind up in the titular Kengan Tournament, an event where corporations decide superiority through proxy fighters.

kengan ashura
Yamashita in the Kengan Ashura anime

Kengan Ashura Zero is a mini-series that details the backstories of various fighters from the mainline Kengan Ashura story. It isn’t necessary to understand the overall plot, but it’s a great read to know more about the colorful cast of fighters. 

Kengan Omega takes place three years after the Kengan Ashura storyline. The sequel follows newcomers Koga Narushima, a rebel without a cause, and Ryuki Gaoh, a stoic assassin. Not only that, a rising organization, Purgatory, threatens to assimilate the Kengan Association for mysterious purposes. 

Do the Kengan Ashura and Kengan Omega manga have an official English translation?

The official English translations of Kengan Ashura and Kengan Omega can be read through the Comikey website.

The former finished its run in August 2018, while Kengan Omega is still ongoing. Fans can read Kengan Omega weekly on the official Comikey website, but only the latest chapters are free. Fans must pay to read the rest of the manga. A list of prices can be seen on the official website.

Alternatively, fans and Daromeon himself found the unofficial scanlations of the manga online superior. Naturally, Shogakukan, Kengan’s publisher, does not approve of these. However, some fans report the unofficial translations surpass the official translations in many ways, so it’s up to individual readers to decide. Currently, there is no official physical release for the English localization of Kengan Ashura.

Are there spin-offs of Kengan Ashura?

Star: Strike it Rich, and How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift are spin-off mangas that take place in the Kengan Ashura universe.

Additionally, the series has crossovers with Baki the Grappler and Street Fighter, albeit in non-canon bouts. 

Star: Strike it Rich follows a women’s version of the underground martial arts scene, complete with a cast of similarly colorful (and violent) characters. Meanwhile, How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift is a slice-of-life comedy manga that teaches readers workout routines with suspiciously spicy artwork. 

The two crossovers are practically fanservice, with Tokita Ohma facing off against Ryu from Street Fighter and the titular Baki. Fans will have to read the crossovers for themselves to see how Ohma fares against the iconic martial artists. 

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