These are the top MMORPGs to play on Steam right now

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MMORPGs remain one of the most populated genres in the market and Steam has an assortment

Since World of Warcraft’s explosive debut in 2004, many studios have attempted to make their own “WoW-killers.” Eventually, when that strategy proved fruitless in the face of Blizzard’s implacable MMORPG, studios began to focus on making good MMOs, and that strategy worked swimmingly.

While World of Warcraft remains in its own Blizzard ecosystem, Steam houses many of the top MMORPGs on the market. From established classics to relatively modern titles, these MMORPGs are some of the top options on Steam. 

Final Fantasy 14 Online

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Final Fantasy 14 Online offers the Final Fantasy experience in MMORPG form. With a rich, immersive story and the familiar epic stylings of the franchise, FF14 stands toe-to-toe with any single-player RPG experience. Not to mention, there are hundreds of guilds and communities to take part in, alongside dozens of activities.

Of course, Final Fantasy 14 sticks out among MMORPGs for providing a surprising depth to its single-player experience. Players who feel like immersing themselves without worrying about otaku Leeroy Jenkins types will appreciate the effort.

Final Fantasy 14 requires a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 for the Standard Edition, but players can try the free trial up to level 70. 

Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2

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The Guild Wars series sticks out among MMORPGs for getting rid of most of the things casuals don’t like about them. Fast travel, level cap stability, a lack of fetch quests, and, most importantly, no subscription fee make the Guild Wars series highly appealing. Guild Wars: Trilogy only costs $19.99 as a one-time purchase and includes the base game alongside the Factions and Nightfall campaigns.

Guild Wars 2 is free to play, and you only need to pay for each expansion once for lifetime access. Though a new Guild Wars game is in the works, this is arguably the top value among MMORPGs on Steam.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

star wars knights of the old republic

Set in the iconic Star Wars universe, Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place thousands of years before A New Hope. With narratives like the single-player classic Knights of the Old Republic, fans adore SWTOR despite its age. Players can choose to play as part of the light side or embrace their sinister nature by joining the dark side.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is free-to-play up to the first two expansions. After that, players must pay $15 a month to access the rest of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s content.

Once a subscription lapses, players become “Preferred” players, meaning players with extra features have access to all their unlocked expansions, regardless of subscription status. This could make it the top MMORPG option for Steam users who don’t want a game where they’re committed to grinding forever. 


Runescape banner

Runescape is the most classic of classic MMORPGs, with a vast, evolving world and a thriving economy. Its skill-based progression system allows players to tailor their characters to their play style. The game has a welcoming community and offers both nostalgic and new experiences through its two versions: Old School Runescape and Runescape 3.

The complete version of Runescape costs $12.49 monthly but comes cheaper with a 12-month membership of $79.99. The subscription automatically includes the two versions of the game. Notably, free-to-play players can pay for their subscription with in-game currency. If you don’t mind the grind, Runescape is one of the most fulfilling MMORPG experiences despite its aged look. 

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