Elden Ring patch nerfs the DLC’s strongest new weapons

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree added the new perfume bottle weapon type and FromSoftware quickly decided to take this DLC-exclusive weapon down a notch in a balance patch

FromSoftware fans are always finding ways to cheese the games, and this is especially true for Elden Ring. Almost every boss in the newly released and highly rated DLC can be cheesed in one way or another. The Golden Hippopotamus, Rellana the Twin Moon Knight, and even the final boss of the DLC all have their weaknesses.

The Lightning Perfume Bottle in particular in combination with the Rolling Sparks Ash of War could make short work of even the hardest of the bosses in the expansion. That’s no longer the case

Elden Ring patch nerfs Shadow of the Erdtree Lightning Perfume Bottle

Due to a bug, the Lightning perfume bottle in Shadow of the Erdtree was doing absurd damage, which has been fixed in the latest Elden Ring patch. 

That doesn’t mean the Lightning Perfume is entirely useless; it still does a decent amount of damage. However, the double damage bug is now patched out of the game. “Fixed a bug that caused the Lightning Perfume Bottle and Frenzyflame Perfume Bottle weapons to deal double damage under certain circumstances,” explains the patch notes.

Details and the full patch notes can be found on Bandai Namco’s website.

The patch also addresses the Rolling Sparks skill’s extra damage. Players relying on the one-two combo of Rolling Sparks and Lightning perfume will have to find another combo now. Thankfully, there are plenty of other builds players can utilize or respec for to gain an advantage. 

The Smithscript family of weapons all received a bug fix, which previously caused some affinities to be higher than intended. The list includes the Smithscript Dagger, Crique, Axe, Greathammer, Spear, and Shield. The Golem Fist also received the same bug fix. 

Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Gaius retooled in update 

The new Elden Ring patch also readjusted the placements of certain Shadow of the Erdtree bosses to give players some breathing room at the start of the fight.

In Elden Ring, bosses will be positioned in one spot when the player first encounters the boss arena. In every instance where they enter through a fog gate, there placement when the fight starts may be different.

The patch “changed the placement of the bosses in the re-fight against the Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Gaius bosses to be in the same position as in the first fight.” Now, the bosses won’t be as close to the fog entrance allowing players to summon Spirit Ashes. 

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