These big changes may be coming to Xbox achievements

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Xbox is reportedly overhauling its achievements and Gamerscore systems and may announce the changes later this year.

Xbox effectively invented the achievement and trophy concept with the Xbox 360 and Gamerscores. The platform has traditionally rewarded players with Gamerscore points that are only useful for bragging rights, outside of the occasional event.

This feature hasn’t seen many updates since its inception and still lacks quality-of-life features many fans keep asking for. Microsoft seems to be actively working on ways to keep fans happy with the achievement system per recent rumors.

Xbox is almost done with its achievement overhaul

A new achievement system for Xbox consoles will be released or revealed in 2024, according to a report. This comes from Nick Baker on the Xbox Era podcast, who discussed the matter at length.

“What I’m hearing is that Xbox are nearly done with their achievement overhaul, with changes to achievements, and we should be seeing it next year…so I guess they mean 2024. But we should be, at the very least, being shown it,” Baker said.

Xbox head Phil Spencer teased possible achievements upgrades to Windows Central in December 2023. Spencer said at the time that there’s a hardware roadmap and a service roadmap in the works, and there may be a roadmap for improvements to achievements. He also acknowledged that it’s something fans care about.

There’s currently no information on what this overhaul might include, but Jez Corden stated in September that Xbox was interested in adding something akin to PlayStation’s platinum trophies, which serve to indicate that a game has been “completed” and not just beaten. Xbox has not officially announced any changes to its achievements system.

The sticking point that has kept major changes from coming to achievements has been developers’ bandwidth. Xbox has a lot of things in the pipeline, potentially including a next-gen console coming out ahead of schedule. That has seen achievements put on the backburner for some time, but a spare moment may have been found.

What will Microsoft add to Xbox achievements?

A “platinum trophy” achievement, guided achievements, and improved achievement tracking could be added to the Xbox.

PlayStation’s trophy system includes a hierarchical system where trophies range in prestige from bronze to platinum, with Xbox using a less-intuitive system that awards varying amounts of Gamerpoints. Splitting achievements related to games’ DLC and expanded achievement tracking can be found on other platforms, and could benefit Xbox gamers.

A “copilot” system similar to Sony’s Activity Cards, which were introduced on the PS5, allows players to access guides and videos from other players to learn how to collect each trophy. This can be extremely helpful for players who are looking to complete games or find specific items.

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