This is the fastest way to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 3

fastest way to get weapons mw3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is off to a bad start for a variety of reasons, but struggles over unlocking weapons quickly may keep it from ever recovering.

The previous Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2, shook up the progression formula by introducing weapon platforms. Players had to progress a weapon to unlock attachments for another weapon. This new system didn’t sit well with series regulars who were used to unlocking weapons and attachments simply by playing the game. Modern Warfare 3 ditched that system in favor of challenges, another move that isn’t sitting well with the fans.

The game is already the worst-rated Call of Duty of all time, with maps being pulled from rotation due to bad spawn positions. The rocky start to the game is potentially going to be a rocky middle and rocky end as fans are frustrated over how difficult it is to expand the armory. There are some ways to unlock weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3, but they’re still not necessarily optimal or easy.

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What are Armory Challenges?

Armory Challenges unlock weapons, equipment, and throwables when a player completes daily challenges.

Almost half of the guns in Modern Warfare 3 are unlocked via Armory Challenges. The only way to complete the challenges is to complete the three daily challenges. Completing daily challenges is a brutal time-gate requirement for players, necessitating they play the game regularly for an extended period of time.

Armory Unlocks

Players only get three daily challenges to complete, but Armory Challenge points can still be earned by winning matches. It’s not stopping players from gaining unlocks like some free-to-play games, but it makes it harder for people with limited time.

Players must win matches to gain challenge points, which is hard in a team-focused multiplayer game. It’s especially difficult for solo players who are especially skilled, and running into matches against a practiced squad lowers the chances of victory in Call of Duty. Skilled players can mitigate this by playing free-for-all matches, but it’s not a guaranteed victory especially if there’s collusion.

The quickest way to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 3

Zombies mode is an easier way to unlock most of the guns and equipment, making the grind significantly easier.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 has a Zombies mode. It plays more like an extraction shooter than the traditional zombies mode from older Call of Duty games. Players can keep the guns they extract from a zombie match. Gamers must jump into a Zombies match, find the gun or equipment they like, and extract with it. The guns and equipment will automatically be unlocked, skipping the challenges and grind.

Any weapons or equipment in the main inventory will be permanently unlocked after the extraction and will be available for use in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. Weapons and gear in the backpack will not be unlocked after extraction. Another easy way is to have a friend drop their gun in a zombies match. Just pick it up, then extract with it to have it unlocked.

Not all Armory Challenge items can be found on the Zombies map, though. Unfortunately, players still need to do the challenges.

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