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Plenty of hard-hitting characters in Zenless Zone Zero could be a viable main, but which ones are the best? Here’s the ZZZ character tier list to sort things out. 

Each character in Zenless Zone Zero comes with unique abilities, attack patterns, range, and personality. Some might love Billy, the dual-wielding goofball, while others might prefer having a giant bear on their team. No matter the preferences, the characters are interesting enough to warrant a try. 

Even at launch, there was room for flexibility when it came to building a party in Zenless Zone Zero. There is a large variety of specialties and abilities on the roster and almost all characters are viable for the story content with a proper build, and are solid for grinding as far as Battery Charge can go. However, a ZZZ tier list is key for figuring out the best possible party. Here’s a full breakdown of the best Zenless Zone Zero characters and why they top the charts.

Full Zenless Zone Zero character tier list

S-TierEllen, Nekomata, Nicole, Ben/Koleda, Lycaon, Zhu Yuan
A-TierSoldier 11, Grace, Koleda, Rina, Lucy, Soukaku, Corin
B-TierBilly, Anby, Anton, Piper

Zenless Zone Zero characters are categorized based on their attributes and specialties. Attributes are effectively their elemental alignment with options including electric, ice, fire, ether, and physical. Specialties are the role that a character plays on the team, which covers attack, stun, support, anomaly, and defense. Striking a good balance between specialties and attributes is critical to a well-rounded Zenless Zone Zero team.

S Tier – Ellen, Nekomata, Nicole, Ben, Lycaon, and Zhu Yuan are ZZZ’s best characters

Zenless Zone Zero S Tier characters

The ice shark maid Ellen is the strongest damage dealer in the game and fittingly sits atop the ZZZ character tier list. Her sprint stage lets her use the Arctic Ambush attack and gain Flash Freeze Charges. She can then use the charges to dish enhanced ice attacks. Nekomata is a physical attack character that gains more damage the more she pulls off dodge counters or quick assists. 

Ben is a giant bear character with a nice stun and defense hybrid specialty. Ben should be your first choice if you have space for a supporting character on the team. Combine him with Koleda from A Tier, and you will have an unstoppable team. Nicole is the best free character everyone gets in the game; her either vortex is essential in crowd-controlling enemies. 

Kycaon looks excellent and also deals ice damage. Hold the attack button and let Lycaon deal ice damage and stun enemies. After that, switch characters and deal even more damage. Zhu Yuan is an unreleased character but was playable in the pre-release tests; her playstyle is fast and frantic. She has Either attribute with Attack specialty. She is scheduled to be released on July 24, 2024. 

A Tier – Soldier 11, Grace, Koleda, Rina, Lucy, Soukaku, Corin

Zenless Zone Zero A Tier characters

The middle of the tier list for ZZZ’s initial crop of characters has characters that are specialized but powerful enough to be generally viable.

Soldier 11 is a solid pick for those who need a fire-based character. Despite having good animations, her playstyle can get a little stale.

Grace has a good combo of electric attributes and anomaly specialty, making her a good fit in most teams. Koleda is a fire-based stun character who can be a good asset on any team; however, she shines when paired with the big bear. Lucy and her Guard Boar minions are great at supporting the team. The icy blue demon Soukaku is very powerful when paired with Lycaon or Ellen. Corin hits hard, but not quite hard enough to warrant moving up to the S tier.

The maid character, Rina, is one of the best electric-type characters in the game. Combine that with her support abilities, and she can be a good teammate for the rest of the team.  

B Tier – Billy, Anby, Anton, Piper

B tier characters in zenless zone zero

Billy is a fun character to have on the party but he has ranged physical attacks but nothing else, which puts him squarely at the bottom of ZZZ character tier lists. His attacks are suitable for crowd control but lack the damage output other single-target damage dealers have. Anton has an excellent design, but his electrical attacks get overshadowed by other more capable electrical characters like Rina and Grace. 

Andy is instrumental in the start as she can apply daze to enemies and bosses. However, other dedicated stun characters in Zenless Zone Zero are better at what she does. Piper is not a bad character; she deals a decent amount of damage and has a spin attack that can AOE, but she needs to build the assault anomaly and wait for it to proc. 

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