Titan Quest 2: Find out about its open-world gameplay, platforms

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A fan-favorite action RPG is coming back to life with Titan Quest 2, and its developers are set to add a fresh coat of paint and open-world gameplay.

Titan Quest never managed the same kind of mass appeal or record-breaking sales that Diablo did. Despite that, the game impressed critics and attracted a devoted cult following. At the time, the game was praised for its immersive visuals and soundscape, historical fantasy setting, and satisfying gameplay. It also kept players coming back with its “mix ‘n’ match” mastery system, which offered deep character customization.

The controversies surrounding Diablo 4 have left fans wanting a new blockbuster action RPG and Titan Quest 2 could fill that void. Given all of this, it’s natural to wonder how Titan Quest 2 will innovate on the original. Thankfully, there are some answers to these questions.

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Who is the Titan Quest 2 developer?

Titan Quest 2 is being developed by Grimlore Studios, a division of publisher THQ Nordic.

The original Titan Quest was developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. After Titan Quest ran its course, the bulk of Iron Lore’s developers moved on to found Crate Entertainment. Crate has since developed Grim Dawn, often hailed as Titan Quest’s spiritual successor. Given that Crate has no involvement in the development of Titan Quest 2, it’s natural to wonder how faithful of a sequel it will be.

Like the original, the sequel will be set in a fantasy world based on ancient Greece. This time around, the Goddess of Retribution is out of control, corrupting the threads of fate. The player will be sent on a world-spanning adventure to oppose the rogue goddess. 

Fans of the original will be happy to hear that the mastery system of the original Titan Quest will return in Titan Quest 2. In the original, players chose two different masteries for their character. Titan Quest 2 will feature the same system, combining two ability trees for plenty of unique build options.

Will Titan Quest 2 be open-world?

Titan Quest 2 is confirmed to be an open-world game.

The original Titan Quest’s emphasis on exploration will also return in Titan Quest 2. In fact, it will be even more important in the sequel, which promises “open-world” design. It’s unclear what exactly this means, given the flexibility of the term. However, it’s clear that an expansive, interconnected world with an emphasis on exploration will be a key component.

The response from Titan Quest enthusiasts has been positive, and the game could be positioned for big success. Details remain sparse but fans should stay tuned for updates on the game’s development.

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Titan Quest 2 platforms revealed

Titan Quest 2 will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It does not yet have an official release date.

As of this writing, there isn’t very much information on how far into development the game is. The cinematic trailer does not feature any gameplay, but several gameplay screenshots are available to give fans a taste of Titan Quest 2’s aesthetic and open-world gameplay.

The game will be in development for some time year, but expect more details to come through over time.

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