What’s the release date for Titan Quest 2? What we know so far

Titan Quest 2

Publisher THQ Nordic has gamers feeling the hype with its announcement of Titan Quest 2, a long-awaited ARPG sequel. And fans are already asking: What’s the new game’s release date?

The excitement is already building for the mythology-inspired sequel to the original Titan Quest, which was released all the way back in 2005 and has maintained a cult following ever since. Other ARPGs have come and gone, but few have scratched the itch as well as Titan Quest once did.

Here’s what we know so far about Titan Quest 2 and its release date.

Titan Quest 2 unlikely to release in 2023

While Titan Quest 2 is well into development, it’s very unlikely that the game’s release date will fall within 2023. No gameplay footage has yet been shared, and that’s among the biggest signs that Titan Quest 2 isn’t ready to be shown, much less played by a horde of eager fans.

The only footage showcased thus far for Titan Quest 2 is a reveal trailer that gives hints as to the new game’s narrative direction. Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, has invaded the world and is causing trouble. And it’s up to players to stop them.

It may be a while yet before they’re able to step Nemesis, however. No promises are even being made about the game releasing in 2024, much less 2023. Until gameplay footage is shown, the release could remain some distance away.

Will Titan Quest 2 be always online?

One of the biggest questions players have for new ARPGs is whether the game will always be online, and fortunately for fans, it seems that Titan Quest 2 is not always online.


This information was revealed by the team behind Titan Quest 2 in a discussion on Steam‘s forums. It was asked whether Titan Quest 2 would be always online, and a team member clarified that it would not be.

That’s great news for fans who do want to enjoy multiplayer, which will be featured prominently in Titan Quest 2, but who don’t want to have to rely on a stable internet connection any time they want to play the game.

Always online requirements have become sticking points for many other modern games, most notably the recent Diablo releases published by Activision-Blizzard. The fact that THQ’s ARPG won’t have this requirement is already being celebrated.

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