What times are the games at Worlds 2023 for American viewers?

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The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage starts on October 19, and the schedule is already set including the exact Worlds 2023 playing times.

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship is taking place in South Korea, making it difficult to watch live for viewers in the Americas. Depending on the exact time zone, Worlds 2023 might start very late at night or quite early in the morning. Luckily, the start time for the broadcast has already been established, so invested fans can plan ahead in order to watch.

The good news is that while things start at odd hours for viewers in North and South America, fans will likely be able to find some opportunity to take in some matches from the biggest League of Legends competition of the year. Here’s the full schedule and when each match is going to happen.

What time is Worlds 2023?

Worlds 2023 begins October 19 with round one of the Swiss Stage. The first match starts at 12:00 A.M. Central Time and 10:00 P.M. PST, the latter technically being on October 18 due to time zone differences. 

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Following the Swiss format, teams with three victories each will advance to the Knockout Stage. Teams with three total losses will be eliminated from the tournament. The Swiss Stage is divided into five rounds with qualification and elimination matches beginning in the third round. Under this format, every game counts and the room for adaptation is minimal.

Best-of-one games will be played until teams are facing either advancement to the playoffs, or elimination from the tournament. At that point, teams will fight it out in best-of-three series play.

Round One – October 19

T1 vs. Team Liquid12:00 A.M.10:00 P.M.
Cloud9 vs. MAD Lions01:00 A.M. 11:00 P.M. 
Gen.G vs. GAM Esports02:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M. 
JD Gaming vs. Team BDS03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. 
G2 Esports vs. Dplus KIA 04:00 A.M. 02:00 A.M. 
NRG vs. Weibo Gaming05:00 A.M. 03:00 A.M. 
Fnatic vs. LNG Esports06:00 A.M. 04:00 A.M. 
Bilibili Gaming vs. KT Rolster07:00 A.M. 05:00 A.M. 

All matches in this first round are the best of one. 

Round Two – October 20 

Team TeamCTPST
TBDTBD12:00 A.M.10:00 P.M.
TBDTBD01:00 A.M. 11:00 P.M. 
TBDTBD02:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M. 
TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. 
TBDTBD04:00 A.M. 02:00 A.M. 
TBDTBD05:00 A.M. 03:00 A.M. 
TBDTBD06:00 A.M. 04:00 A.M. 
TBDTBD07:00 A.M. 05:00 A.M. 

All matches in the second round are also the best of one. 

Round 3 – October 21, 22, 23

Third round qualification matches are played to the best of three. 

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
October 21 TBDTBD02:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.Best of 3
October 21 TBDTBD05:00 A.M.03:00 A.M. Best of 3

Regular matches are still played to the best of one in the third round.

DateTeam TeamCTPST
October 22TBDTBD02:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M. 
October 22TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. 
October 22TBDTBD04:00 A.M. 02:00 A.M. 
October 22TBDTBD05:00 A.M. 03:00 A.M. 

Elimination matches are also played to the best of three, and begin in the third round. 

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
October 23TBDTBD02:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.Best of 3
October 23TBDTBD05:00 A.M.03:00 A.M. Best of 3

Round 4 – October 26, 27, 28

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
October 26TBDTBD02:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.Best of 3
October 26TBDTBD05:00 A.M.03:00 A.M. Best of 3
October 27TBDTBD02:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.Best of 3
October 27TBDTBD05:00 A.M.03:00 A.M. Best of 3
October 28TBDTBD02:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.Best of 3
October 28TBDTBD05:00 A.M.03:00 A.M. Best of 3

Round 5 – October 29

Round 5 represents the last chance to qualify to the Knockout Stage. 

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
October 28TBDTBD11:00 P.M.09:00 P.M.Best of 3
October 29TBDTBD02:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.Best of 3
October 29TBDTBD05:00 A.M.03:00 A.M. Best of 3

Quartefinals – November 2, 3, 4, 5

Starting at this point, all series are to the best of five. Despite constant fan requests, Worlds 2023 will still follow a single-elimination bracket in the Knockout Stage, rather than the desired double-elimination format.

In this playoff stage, teams only have one chance to win their series and advance. Any loss means elimination. The quarterfinals and semifinals will be played at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan.

Unfortunately, the Worlds 2023 viewing times will at this stage become much more difficult to deal with for American viewers across multiple time zones, whether in North America or South America. 

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
November 2TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. Best of 5
November 3TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. Best of 5
November 4TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. Best of 5
November 5TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. Best of 5

Semifinals – November 11, 12

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
November 11TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. Best of 5
November 12TBDTBD03:00 A.M. 01:00 A.M. Best of 5

Finals – November 19

The finals of 2023 Worlds will take place at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. This is one of the most emblematic venues in the city with a live audience capacity of over 16,000. Despite that impressive size, it is actually the smallest venue for a Worlds finals with a full in-person audience in recent years.

The Worlds 2023 finals time will be 1:00 AM ET, 2:00 AM CT, and 12:00 AM PT.

DateTeam TeamCTPSTFormat
November 19TBDTBD02:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M. Best of 5
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