When will Starfield reviews come out? Here’s what we know

Starfield reviews

Starfield is one of the most anticipated video games of 2023, and gamers are eagerly anticipating the game’s first reviews. But when will they come out?

That’s a question that many players are asking. Critic reviews have a lot to do with many buyers’ decisions on whether to invest early in a game, particularly when those games carry high price tags of $60 or $70.

Thus, it’s no wonder that many have been wondering about when Starfield’s reviews will come out. Here’s what we know so far about that timing.

When are Starfield reviews coming out?

Starfield review copies are being sent out in August, which means that Starfield reviews will appear before the game’s September 6, 2023 release date. The exact date of the first reviews depends on a few different factors.

One major factor is when those reviews are allowed to be released. Developer and publisher Bethesda will have a certain date marked before which reviews are not allowed to be published. The Starfield reviews release date will be the same for all publications and reviewers.

Another factor is the sheer size of the game. Starfield is expected to be a truly massive role-playing game of great scope, and it’s going to take many hours for reviewers and critics to properly sort through all, or at least most, of the game’s content.

Will Starfield be good?

Starfield is expected to be not only good, but great. But there’s no way to know how good the game will be until critics are able to share their full opinions on it.


The fact that Starfield review copies are being sent out more than a week prior to the game’s release is probably a good sign, however. Publishers sometimes limit early critical visibility of new games if they expect the games to receive poor reviews.

The fact that reviewers are being given plenty of time to check out Starfield is a sign that Bethesda believes it’s advantageous to get review scores published early, as the expected high scores will encourage more gamers to buy the new game.

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