Total War developer working on new IP Hyenas, beta starts soon

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Creative Assembly, the studio behind Total War and Alien: Isolation, will soon launch a beta period for its new hero shooter Hyenas. 

It’s been some time since Hyenas was announced in August 2022. In the year since, the game saw an early alpha test footage leak. Creative Assembly went silent and came back with a substantial announcement. Hyenas is alive and ready to be played, at least by players on PC. 

Hyenas is being made by the studio behind the Total War games. This looter shooter is a departure from what kind the studio is largely known for. Players will soon be able to check out Hyenas with the upcoming launch of its closed beta. 

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What is Hyenas?

Hyenas is a hero shooter developed by Creative Assembly. The game is an online multiplayer extraction shooter, blending various gameplay modes and genres into one game. 

The “heroes” of the game are called Hyenas, and each comes with a unique personality, weapon, and ability. The game is looking to follow in the footsteps of Apex Legends and Overwatch 2, but with a style that harkens to movies like Suicide Squad. The game is three-on-three, with both teams fighting over valuable “merch,” with the first example being a Sonic the Hedgehog bobblehead. This suggests that something akin to Halo’s one-flag CTF will be a core gameplay mode. 

The hero’s abilities are also shown off. Characters will have the ability to conjure up turrets, stop bullets, or stick enemies in place. The map shown in the trailer is set in a spaceship, so fans can expect some zero-gravity gameplay. Players have to fight other players and also the spaceship security bots. 

Creative Assembly is primarily known for its strategy games and made the survival horror Alien: Isolation, but it hasn’t worked on anything similar to this before. Hyenas doesn’t have a release date or release platform information yet.

When is the Hyenas closed beta starting?

The Hyenas closed beta starts on August 31 and lasts until September 11, 2023. Interested players can register to take part through the game’s Steam store page. 

The team also released a gameplay trailer on its official YouTube channel. The game has heavily stylized graphics akin to Saints Row rather than Call of Duty. The trailer paints the picture of a chaotic experience with players able to use abilities that disable enemies or even reshape the battlefield. There is plenty of shooting happening and a lot of gadgets and powers are on display. 

No system requirements are announced for Hyenas closed beta on PC. It is unknown when Hyenas will officially launch

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