Why was streamer novaruu banned on Twitch again?

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novaruu is the latest streamer to find herself banned on Twitch, and it’s far from the first time she has found herself on the receiving end of the streaming platform’s ire.

Twitch routinely hands out bans to streamers who violate its terms and services. This includes a wide array of offenses, too many to list in a short summary. Some of the specifically pertain to the production of sexualized content, a category that has risen to prominence on Twitch. This is despite repeated, though arguably half-hearted, attempts on the part of Twitch to crack down on adult content on the platform.

novaruu is among those streamers most affected by these crackdowns, as she routinely produces adult content and is one of many streamers who use Twitch as advertisement for their other, more lucrative online offerings elsewhere. Her penchant for pushing the boundaries of Twitch’s has seen her banned from the platform on numerous occasions, and her latest antics have resulted in yet another suspension.

How long is novaruu banned from Twitch?

There’s not yet any telling just how long novaruu will be banned from Twitch, though her past suspensions make clear that she could be gone for seven days or more. Her longest ban from the streaming platform was for exactly seven days, and that was also her most recent ban.

Her most recent ban is far from her only suspension, however. This latest ban makes it 10 bans in total for the streamer. Nearly all of these have come over the past year, as she has pushed the boundaries of what the platform’s moderation team is willing to accept.

novaruu is has herself declared responsibility for establishing at least one “Twitch meta,” a pattern of streaming behaviors that other streamers quickly adopt. This is especially prevalent among streamers who promote adult content, as when one finds a seeming loophole used to get around Twitch’s rules for its streamers, others are often quick to follow.

novaruu has previously been banned on Twitch for just such a behavior, using a clear plastic chair to provide viewers with a variety of camera angles for which she was then banned, and which also briefly became a popular trend around the platform among a certain segment of streamers.

Big fans of novaruu probably shouldn’t worry too much about her latest Twitch ban. While her longest ban was for seven days, most of her previous bans have been resolved within a single day, and Twitch has proven itself very willing to welcome back many streamers for these types of bans after relatively brief suspensions.

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