Morgpie receives another Twitch ban, how long is she gone for?

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Twitch streamer Morgan “Morgpie” Stone has been banned from Twitch once again, leading to the usual roundup of schadenfreude, questions about how long it will be, and whether this time will be permanent.

While Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa remains a big name in streaming, she’s no longer the face of rapid-fire Twitch bans. That title has arguably been taken by Morgpie, who has seemingly been banned from the platform as often as she streams on it. There have been many different eras of Twitch’s rule enforcement, but the sheer volume of bans that Morgpie has been hit with over a relatively short period of time is unlike anything ever seen before.

This was seen on May 9, 2024 when Morgpie was hit with her ninth Twitch ban. While that number is almost unheard of, even more impressive is the fact that it’s her eighth ban from Twitch in as many months.

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Why was Morgpie banned in May 2024?

Twitch did not announce details on why Morgpie received her ninth ban from Twitch.

This is standard practice for Twitch, and visitors to Morgpie’s channel were greeted with the generic “this channel is currently unavailable” message. The ban came shortly after Morgpie started a stream dubbed “cardio and abs and bananas.”

While Morgpie’s impressive tally of Twitch bans surprised both fans and critics, many of them surrounded repeated changes to the platform’s rules. December 2023 and April 2024 both saw major changes to Twitch’s community guidelines.

Morgpie’s name popping up in relation to enforcing these bans made her one of Twitch’s most recognizable names. Other streamers including Amouranth and Korean streamer Velvet_7 also received bans from the platform.

Despite the frequency of her bans, there was actually a long layover between Morgpie’s May 2024 Twitch ban and her last one. Her last ban was more than a month prior, coming on March 30. That previous ban lasted just two hours, a shockingly short ban even by the platform’s own standards.

How long will Morgpie’s latest Twitch ban be?

It is unknown how long Morgpie will be gone from Twitch, but precedent suggests she’ll be back online soon.

Across her first eight Twitch bans, Morgpie’s longest was just three days. At one point, Twitch hit streamers with bans that lasted up to a month and even top-earning streamers like Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm could receive permanent bans. That’s no longer the case.

It’s almost certain that the ban is not permanent. The surefire sign of a streamer receiving a permanent ban is when the platform begins refunding subscribers, and there have been no signs of this happening. Because of that, odds are that she’ll be back before the end of the week.

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