Everything we know about Tyler1’s new baby daughter

Tyler1 kissing his partner Macaiyla on the forehead

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and his partner Macaiyla celebrated the birth of their baby daughter, and fans heaped support for the happy family.

Tyler1 typically makes the news cycles for comical reactions to League of Legends games, breaking glass ceilings in chess, and lifting heavy objects. But recently, Tyler1 isn’t celebrating any game victories, but the birth of his daughter with longtime partner Macaiyla. 

Earlier in 2023, Tyler1 and Macaiyla had to share the tragic news of a miscarriage that threatened the latter’s life. Despite that, the couple didn’t stop trying, and in December 2023, they announced the upcoming arrival of a healthy baby girl to the Steinkamp family. On April 11, 2024, the baby was finally born.

What is the name of Tyler1’s baby?

Tyler1 and Macaiyla named their child Saiyler Rue Steinkamp.

Saiyler is a combination of Tyler and Macaiyla’s names. Many congratulated the parents of their newborn baby. Of course, just because fans were happy for the family doesn’t mean the joking stops. 

Most fans immediately noted that Saiyler had a full head of hair compared to her bald father. Additionally, many made remarks about how big she was, citing that she was already taller than Tyler1. This is a reference to a recurring joke about Tyler1’s relatively short height. Amid the congratulations, some fans wondered if the baby meant Tyler1 would take a break from streaming for a while.

Will Tyler1 take a break from streaming after having a child?

Tyler1 has no plans to stop streaming anytime soon, even after the birth of his first child.

Despite having a baby daughter, it appears Tyler1 won’t be changing his schedule very much. As a streamer, he spends plenty of time at home anyway, and with a live-in partner, that should also help with managing parental duties. He’ll undoubtedly be losing sleep regardless, but there are no signs of him slowing his streaming schedule.

Amusingly, Tyler1 cleared a 1,800 ELO chess rating a week after Saiyler’s birth. Even as a father, Tyler1’s stubborn desire to grind out any game he focuses on hasn’t stopped. Of course, that doesn’t mean a break won’t come in the future. After all, he has taken breaks from streaming before. That said, one such break involved grinding to the Challenger rank as a jungler in League of Legends, so it probably won’t be too different for the family either way. 

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