Here’s why Amouranth is repeatedly getting banned on Twitch

Twitch streamer Amouranth

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is no stranger to controversy, particularly when it comes to that latest events on streaming platforms. But what exactly is behind Amouranth being repeatedly banned on Twitch early in 2024?

While Twitch rarely comments on the specifics of its decisions to ban and unban streamers, there are some clear clues available. The biggest is likely the recent rule changes implemented by Twitch, and they effect they are already having, resulting in a number of streamer bans.

Was Amouranth given a Twitch ban because of new meta rules?

The latest Twitch ban delivered to Amouranth might be a result of new rules put in place on the streaming platform that are meant to combat the latest meta developments on the service. These have involved some prominent streamers using both camera angles and additional cameras to emphasize certain parts of their bodies.

Twitch’s rule change specifically declared that emphasizing “intimate” body parts was no longer to be allowed on the platform, though it was left vague exactly which parts of the body would count in this way, and how much time it would take for this focus and emphasis to put a streamer in violation of the rules.

Amouranth is among the streamers known to push Twitch’s boundaries regardless of its current rule set. This has included ensuring that the focus is on her body. This could be why Twitch has already banned the streamer twice after introducing its new 2024 meta rules.

For her part, Amouranth didn’t seem overly concerned with the situation, even using it to promote herself across other services.

Even so, there’s little doubt that she would prefer to be present on that platform where she first grew her audience.

Will Amouranth remain banned on Twitch?

Amouranth is unlikely to remain banned on Twitch, if her past history is any indication. She has been banned on the platform 10 times already, and each time she has eventually been unbanned.

New rule changes on the website led to her being banned on March 30, though she was unbanned mere hours later. She then received another ban on April 2, with no timetable given for when that ban would be resolved by either the streaming platform or the streamer.

It’s unlikely these will be the last bans for Amouranth on Twitch, and it’s just as unlikely that she will remain suspended from the platform, even if she seems more focused on her ventures on rival platform kick.

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Written by Jared Wynne

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