Will the Indiana Jones game be on PlayStation 5? We now know

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Platform details on Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game have been revealed and PC, Xbox Sereis X/S, and PlayStation 5 gamers now know whether they’ll be able to jump into the game

In January 2021, Bethesda dropped a surprise teaser for a new Indiana Jones game. It is being developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games with MachineGames, the studio behind the modern Wolfenstein titles, taking it on. In theory, it’s an intersection of two entities that have been on the cutting edge of slaying Nazis.

Since that trailer released, there hasn’t been much news on what the Indiana Jones game will be like. Bethesda’s focus on its other upcoming titles, most notably Starfield, likely meant that Indiana Jones wasn’t a priority. But with Bethesda’s biggest project out of the way, Indiana Jones may be ramping up its development. As for where the final product will be, Microsoft has some answers.

Will Indiana Jones come out on PlayStation 5?

Bethesda’s Indiana Jones will be Xbox and PC exclusive and will not come out on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch consoles.

Despite this, the game was once slated for a multiplatform release. Plans changed when Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media in March 2021. Shortly after, it was revealed Indiana Jones would be a day-one launch on Xbox Game Pass. 

The decision to make Indiana Jones an Xbox exclusive adds to Microsoft’s increasing focus on creating high-profile exclusives. Another Disney-owned IP, Marvel’s Blade, is also seemingly set to be an Xbox exclusive.

Bethesda stressed that Starfield was an enormous success on launch. The game enjoyed strong sales in various markets and had very high user counts on Steam, despite those numbers falling off over time. The game showed that success is possible without help from PlayStation or Nintendo sales.

There is no official release date for Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game, but more details might be coming in 2024. News has been sparse since the initial teaser, but Bethesda’s Todd Howard told Esquire in an interview related to Starfield that details on the game will be revealed in 2024. With Starfield now shipped, Howard is likely in a position to dedicate more time to the project. This could potentially mean that development for the Indiana Jones game will be ramped up in 2024.

It’s unknown how far along the game might be into development at this point however, and nixing plans to release Indiana Jones on PlayStation 5 may have accelerated the the process slightly. MachineGames’ only released products since 2019 have been the remasters of Quake and Quake 2. Depending on how much work the studio has put into the Indiana Jones game, it could hypothetically come out relatively soon or potentially years from now.

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