Workshop maps return in Counter-Strike 2, here’s how to play them

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Cherished community-made workshop maps are being brought back in Counter-Strike 2, Valve has confirmed, and it opens the door for fan favorites like Cache, Lake, and Agency to return.

It’s been an entire month since Counter-Strike 2 hit the gaming scene and there’s been a glaring void in the experience. Something that set Counter-Strike apart from its competitors was the wealth of innovative maps made by talented fans. For many players, some of the top community maps were the backbone of their Counter-Strike journey.

Whether it was in community servers for surfing or Cache in official matchmaking, that diversity in the experience was lost with Counter-Strike 2’s initial release. But now, a game-changing update is here to rewrite that narrative and recapture some of the magic from previous games in the series.

How to play workshop maps in CS2

Players can try out community-made workshop maps in Counter-Strike 2 by selecting “Workshop Maps” from the play menu.

For those eager to explore these workshop maps, Valve has made it straightforward. The Workshop maps option is right beside the “Matchmaking” and “Practice” tabs under the huge “Play” button in the main menu. Simply subscribe to the desired maps in the workshop, then navigate through the menus to jump into the world of community-created content.

Workshop Maps Button Location

Some popular workshop maps like Aim Botz and Crashz’s Crosshair Generator are already on the top of the subscription list, but that’s not all this update has to offer. Valve also included other Workshop-related tools and enhancements to keep the CS2 experience fresh and exciting.

When will Cache be in Counter-Strike 2?

It is unknown when Cache or other popular community-made maps will be added to Counter-Strike 2, or when they might be added to official matchmaking. Neither Valve nor Cache creator FMPONE have officially confirmed when the map will be added to Counter-Strike 2.

Cache boasted a substantial fanbase and was home to some of the most iconic plays in Counter-Strike esports including the legendary Michael “shroud” Grzesiek boost or Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev‘s AWP no-scopes. Cache’s 2019 revamp received mixed feedback for a number of reasons including its green color theme that camouflaged some newly introduced agent skins and performance issues.

Since Cache is owned by FMPONE, the onus is likely on him to get the map working in the new game. FMPONE has posted on Twitter that he does intend to get Cache working in Counter-Strike 2. For now, FPMONE is seemingly focused on a new map he’s creating for CS2, Santorini, which could get a major push once it’s complete.

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