2XKO release date leaked? Here’s when it could come out

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2XKO is one of the most highly anticipated next-gen fighting games, and League of Legends fans are eager to know its release date.

After over a decade of League of Legends, Riot began the 2020s with big plans for new projects to expand the studio’s legacy. Things started small, with spin-offs of League of Legends, until Riot released Valorant in June 2020. From there, the floodgates opened, with Riot expanding its multimedia empire with adaptations, new esports events, and of course, new video games.

2XKO is one of the projects Riot has hyped for the past few years. Riot’s first foray into fighting games will feature iconic champions from the League of Legends roster, and it already has esports baked into its DNA. Unlike Valorant, however, 2XKO has been cooking for a while, with its initial announcement all the way back in 2021.

Recent reports may finally clue fans in on when 2XKO will launch.

When is the release date for 2XKO?

A report claims 2XKO will reportedly launch in January 2025.

DanielRPK, a notable leaker who covers video games and movies who previously reported the Kingdom Hearts adaptation, claims 2XKO will launch sometime in early 2025, likely in January. Riot has confirmed a 2025 release for 2XKO in previous announcements but did not specify an exact release date.

Notably, 2XKO is one of the longest development windows in Riot’s history, at least in the gap between announcement and release. For context, League of Legends was officially announced in 2008 and came out a year later. Riot Games also announced Valorant this way in 2019. At this point, players just want their hands on 2XKO sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, fans did get to try out 2XKO in the 2023 EVO, and they may get to do so again.

Will 2XKO be at EVO 2024?

Riot has not confirmed 2XKO for EVO 2024, but it’s very likely. It likely won’t be a part of the competition, but there could be playtesting opportunities at the event.

EVO Japan 2024 featured booths for 2XKO over the April weekend event, and it got a positive reception from fans. Many appreciated the thought put into the game’s tag mechanics and praised the distinctive art style. With EVO 2024 looming in July, it’s unlikely Riot will pass up the opportunity to hype up 2XKO once more. 

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