Here’s how to join a Discord voice chat directly through the PS5

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PS5 players can enter Discord calls and voice chats directly from their console, here’s how to do it.

Discord voice chat isn’t a new feature in the PlayStation 5 with it being added to the console in early 2023. Even though the ability to join calls is already present, it was only possible through mobiles and PCs. However, PlayStation announced this limitation is set to change in an upcoming update. Depending on their territory, players can join Discord voice chat from their console directly thanks to a new update.

Sony and Discord also shared the steps to join Discord voice calls beforehand to clear any confusion regarding the process.

How to join Discord voice chat directly from a PS5?

Players in select regions can join Discord voice chats directly through the PS5 Control Center. Not all regions have this feature available to them.

Here are the steps for joining a Discord voice chat through the PS5:

  • Press the PS button on the controller
  • Open the Game Base section 
  • Open the Discord section
  • Choose the server with the voice chat you want to join
  • Pick the voice channel
  • Hit the join button

If done successfully, the user will have joined a Discord voice channel directly through their PS5. Direct calls are also supported and the only difference is that instead of selecting a server, the player must pick the Direct Voice Calls option before choosing the user they want to have a direct call with.

Those who want to join Discord voice channels must link their PSN account to the social platform. They can do that by opening Discord on any platform and navigating to the connection tab. Over there, the user has to select the PSN account and log in to link both accounts.

Unlike the PC and Xbox versions of Discord, PS5 users can’t live stream the games they are playing to the voice chat. Sony or Discord haven’t announced plans to add the feature to the console. This is somewhat odd as players can do this through the Xbox Series S’s weaker hardware, and are able to stream on Twitch through the PS5.

Why can’t I join a Discord voice chat on PS5?

Discord voice chat support is only available on PS5 in select regions.

According to PlayStation, the first area to receive this mechanic is Japan and Asia. After that, the option will launch in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and the Middle East in that order. The Americas will be the final region to receive the Discord voice chat update.

In addition to joining Discord calls, a new update allows players to share PSN accounts on social media platforms. PlayStation users who received the Discord update can create shareable links or QR codes for their accounts to share profiles through the PS app and the PS5. Those who open the shared link will have the option to add the sender to their friend list.

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