New hints of PS5 Minecraft are here, but will it be better than PS4?

Four years after the PS5’s launch, Minecraft may finally make the jump and have a native port on the console. 

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular video games in the world. Ever since its official launch in 2011, the game has nabbed the record of best-selling video game in history. With over 300 million copies sold and half as many active players monthly, Microsoft’s $2.5 billion acquisition of Minecraft paid off.

Part of Minecraft’s success is thanks to its sheer accessibility. Almost every platform capable of running video games can run Minecraft. From the standard PC to the unorthodox Apple TV, the wide spread of platforms makes Minecraft an easy game to get into. However, one platform it has remained strangely absent from is the PlayStation 5. However, recent reports suggest Minecraft is coming very soon to the next-gen console.

Will Minecraft come out on PS5?

The PS4 version of Minecraft is playable on PS5, and reports suggest that a native PS5 release is incoming.

These reports began stirring sometime in March 2024. A leak revealed data strings referencing a PS5 release. Microsoft has made its multiplatform ambitions clear, and Minecraft would be a major boon for the PlayStation 5.

In June 2024, an update for Minecraft allegedly displayed a “Get PlayStation 5 Preview” button. The social media user who found it claims the button currently does nothing. Consequently, Mojang quickly removed the button before more players noticed it. Alongside the PS5 leak was another that seemingly confirmed a Steam version of Minecraft. All this suggests that Mojang may be aiming at expanding the game’s availability.

Would a PS5 version of Minecraft be better than the PS4 version?

A native PS5 release for Minecraft should have improved performance and new features that weren’t possible on the PS4 version.

Although Minecraft is indeed on almost every platform, quality varies with each port. Many fans, especially on console, complain about how far behind they are compared to PC players. Features like ray tracing and chunk render distance simply don’t exist yet, while technical issues go unresolved between sparse patches.

Some reviewers also criticized the Switch port of Minecraft, reporting severe graphical issues and technical bugs. Despite these issues, the Switch port outsold the PlayStation and Xbox ports of Minecraft. With the release of the PS5 port, fans hope the next-gen capabilities mean these features finally make it onto a console.

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