AEW Fight Forever full DLC schedule and wrestler list

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AEW Fight Forever boasted a sizable roster on day one, but it’s set to grow even larger through DLC with three bundles scheduled for the game.

While top stars like Adam Page, Kenny Omega, and CM Punk are all present and accounted for on the lineup of playable wrestlers, there were a number of perplexing omissions. Thankfully, most of the biggest names are set to be added to the game through DLC.

There are three DLC packs slated for season one of the game alongside a pre-order bonus that is now available separately for purchase. Here is the full AEW Fight Forever DLC schedule with release dates, which wrestlers are included, and what else it has to offer players.

AEW Fight Forever DLC schedule, release dates, and wrestlers list

AEW Fight Forever has three DLC packs scheduled, with each one adding two wrestlers. The first two DLC packs are also confirmed to include a pair of mini-games that can offer players a quick alternative to the standard graps. Here are all the scheduled DLC packs, their release dates, and what is included.

FTR: Revival Pack, June 29

  • Dax Harwood
  • Cash Wheeler
  • JoinUs mini-game
  • Deth Race-X mini-game
AEW Fight Forever FTR

The most perplexing omission from the game’s initial roster was FTR, a tag team that has been a centerpiece for the division and an occasional player in the main event scene. While their omission can possibly be chalked up to a contract negotiation playing out during the game’s development, it’s easy to theorize that some top names were held back to encourage microtransactions.

Sweetening the deal to some degree are a pair of mini-games. JoinUs tasks players with forcing fleeing fans to join their stable by putting a lucha mask over their heads. Deth Race-X is built around the skateboard weapon, with players needing to ride their board for as long as possible in an electrified arena.

Aew Limitless Bunny

Limitless Bunny Bundle, July 25

  • Keith Lee
  • The Bunny
  • MJF Car Thrash mini-game
  • Sloth Sling mini-game

Though not as shocking an omission as FTR, former tag team champion Keith Lee was another surprise scratch from the base roster. He is packaged alongside former Butcher and the Blade manager, the Bunny. The Bunny was a steady presence around the top of the AEW women’s division but has missed most of 2023 due to a broken orbital bone suffered in February.

Once again, a pair of mini-games will be included to improve the value proposition. MJF Car Thrash is self-explanatory and harkens back to Street Fighter 2’s classic mini-game. Sloth Sling will join other mini-games based around tossing things into the ring from the vanilla version.

Aew Hookhausen Pack

Hookhausen Very Handsome Very Evil Pack, August 22

  • Hook
  • Danhausen

The final DLC pack of season one has the longest name and the shortest content offering. As the title suggests, it will feature AEW’s short-lived odd couple of Hook and Danhausen. While their partnership was shortlived, both remain popular acts in AEW to this day.

The Hookhausen Very Handsome Very Evil Pack does not feature mini-games, and instead only has the two wrestlers. Thankfully, it also has a lower price tag. It is unclear if this will be the final DLC pack or if AEW Fight Forever has more to offer.

Aew Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy also available as DLC in AEW Fight Forever

Alongside the Season Pass DLC packs is Matt Hardy. The veteran was available as a pre-order bonus for console players but is currently available as DLC. Unfortunately, PC players who picked up the game through Steam had to purchase him individually.

The pack has two different versions of Matt Hardy including the Broken Matt Hardy of Impact Wrestling that later debuted in AEW, and a skin that harkens back to the Hardy Boyz era. It can be purchased for $5.

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