AEW Fight Forever: The fastest possible way to unlock Paul Wight

AEW Fight Forever Paul Wight

Paul Wight, formerly known as the Big Show, can be unlocked in AEW Fight Forever but adding him to the roster is going to prove frustrating for many players.

The Road to Elite story mode has two unlockable characters that can be encountered along the way. While Brodie Lee is unlocked early on, that’s not the case with Paul Wight. The seven-footer isn’t unlockable until the final chapter, which can make for a long and arduous journey for players who aren’t prepared.

Thankfully, there is a way for AEW Fight Forever players to reliably allow unlock the veteran wrestler. Here’s how to unlock “The Big Show” Paul Wight in AEW Fight Forever, without it taking hours on end.

How to quickly and easily unlock the “Big Show” Paul Wight in AEW Fight Forever

Paul Wight can be quickly unlocked in AEW Fight Forever by reaching block 4C and defeating him in a match. Getting to block 4C requires players to follow a specific path with the story and play as specific characters, but it can be done in under 30 minutes if players know what to do.

Players ought to prepare before getting started. Block 4C is one of the three possible final chapters of Road to Elite. If players get placed in block 4A or 4B, they will have to get rid of their progress and start over. There is a strong chance players won’t advance to block 4C unless some specific actions are taken.

The first step is to start a new Road to Elite story with Malakai Black. Though block 4C can be reached with a number of different characters, players have discussed Malakai Black being the most consistent character for getting to this block. From there, skip every cutscene and ignore workouts, eating, and sightseeing. Just immediately move on to the next match, then choose to quit out of it. Quitting during a match counts as a loss and will advance the story. 

Paul Wight Vs Malakai Black

If players win matches along the way, it may result in reaching a different block. Do this through the end of the third block. If done correctly, players will advance to block 4C.

During block 4C, players will be tasked with facing Paul Wight and defeating him in under three minutes. If players are in a spot where they find themselves with no hope of winning, the best option is to force the game to close through their console’s home menu or by using the Task Manager on PC. If time runs out, the match counts as a loss and players will need to start over from the beginning with a new save. After defeating the Big Show, he can be unlocked through the shop on the main menu for $30,000. 

How to reliably reach Block 4C in AEW Fight Forever: Road to Elite

AEW Fight Forever players can reliably arrive in Block 4C by losing certain matches during Road to Elite while playing as specific characters. Though there are a number of different ways to reach this chapter, there is one seemingly guaranteed path.

Aew Fight Forever Malakai Vs

Do a Road to Elite playthrough with Malakai Black and lose every match along the way. While other characters can reach Block 4C, losing everything with Malakai Black is the most expedient and most reliable way to get into a position where unlocking the Big Show is possible.

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