The fastest way to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever

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The late Brodie Lee is available as a playable character in AEW Fight Forever, but fans will need to unlock him before playing as him.

AEW Fight Forever has much of the promotion’s roster available in the game but not everyone is present and accounted for, even with the upcoming DLC releases. Thankfully, Yuke’s and AEW Games found the space to honor Jon Huber. Formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE and as Brodie Lee in AEW, he was a top heel character in the promotion until his sudden death in late 2020.

While most characters are available to everyone right at the start, a number of them need to be unlocked. Though unlocking characters isn’t particularly difficult, it can require specific actions or a decent amount of time. With that in mind, here’s how to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever.

How to unlock Mr. Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever

In order to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever, players need to defeat him in the Road to Elite story mode and then purchase him from the in-game shop. Brodie Lee appears in Block 2B of the story alongside the Dark Order after the player has won the tag team championship.

Worth noting at the start is that AEW Fight Forever doesn’t have a completely linear story. Depending on a number of factors, players can be moved into different storylines as they progress. The match with Brodie Lee occurs in Block 2B but if the player ends up in Block 2A instead, they will need to delete their progress and start Road to Elite mode over from the beginning.

According to multiple reports and discussions from players, the best way to handle this is by playing as Sammy Guevara. Guevara is very likely, or possibly guaranteed, to have the opportunity to go into Block 2B to set up the chance to face Brodie Lee. Other characters can still end up facing Brodie Lee, but Guevara can let players avoid some frustration.

After selecting a character, quit out of the Casino Battle Royale match to be handed a loss. From there, blaze through the rest of the chapter. This can be done with very little effort by playing on easy mode, skipping cutscenes, and advancing directly to AEW Dynamite each week.

Mr Brodie Lee Unlockable

If the player is moved into Block 2B for their second block, it starts with their character being approached by John Silver. This block leads to a match with Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship. Defeat him to win the title in Road to Elite and then purchase him from the store on the game’s main menu.

Should I join the Dark Order in the AEW Fight Forever: Road to Elite story?

Players should not join the Dark Order when offered the opportunity by John Silver. That said there’s no reason to sweat, even if you happen to take Silver up on his offer.

Aew Fight Forever Dark Order

If the offer to join the Dark Order is accepted, the player will be told to help Silver win an upcoming four-way match. This counts as a blemish on their record that doesn’t actually offer any benefit.

In reality, the decision on whether to join the Dark Order doesn’t really matter. Once Silver approaches the player, the chapter moves in a direction where they are attacked by Brodie Lee to set up a TNT Championship match regardless. What happens in between those two moments has very little impact on what unfolds.

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