Black Ops Gulf War is coming, and it’s likely bringing Tranzit

is tranzit back

Leakers have found a leaked list of launch day weapons for Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War and an iconic weapon on the list teases the return of the beloved Zombies mode, Tranzit.

Black Ops Gulf War sees Treyarch return as the primary developer for the franchise. Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward have helmed Call of Duty since 2021, with audiences having mixed reactions to the recent offerings from the military shooter franchise. Fans criticized Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 heavily upon release, citing the disappointing campaign as well as the prevalence of reused assets. This ultimately didn’t impact the game in any significant way from a sales perspective.

Many veteran fans are waiting for Treyarch’s return as a result. Recent leaks even teased the return of an iconic Zombies mode, suggesting that there will be a lot on offer to fans in 2024’s Call of Duty title.

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies
Zombies are a welcome addition in any Call of Duty

Is Tranzit confirmed for Black Ops Gulf War?

Treyarch has not officially confirmed Tranzit, but leaks suggest that it will return.

Leakers claim to have uncovered game files revealing the list of weapons that Black Ops Gulf War will have on launch day. Most of them are the standard array of weapons one might expect but one gun in particular stands out. The Jetgun returns to the Call of Duty franchise after a decade. The weapon exclusively appears in the Tranzit Zombies story mode for Black Ops 2.

The weapon required four parts to complete and is an iconic part of the Tower of Babble easter egg. The Jetgun hasn’t appeared in any other game since its debut. That makes its appearance in the leaked list exciting for Zombies fans. Whether this is a Tranzit remake or a spiritual successor is unknown. It’s also possible the Jetgun will simply be an Easter Egg weapon in the next game’s Zombies mode. Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming also teased some information later in the week, which seemingly corroborates the leaked list. 

Will Black Ops Gulf War be different from Modern Warfare 3?

Leaks suggest that Black Ops Gulf War will have unique weapons and systems from recent Call of Duty titles.

One of the biggest criticisms of recent Call of Duty titles is the reuse of assets. Modern Warfare 3 suffered from this heavily, thanks to being built as an add-on to Modern Warfare 2. Though it added a number of features including Zombies, its samey gameplay and brief campaign frustrated fans.

Black Ops Gulf War will sidestep this entirely with unique weapons and a different era. Treyarch hopes these changes are enough to entice lapsed fans.

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