Blizzards shuts down Diablo 4 trading, bans players for gold exploit

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Diablo 4 trading has been temporarily shut down by Blizzard after crafty gamers used an exploit to gain ungodly amounts of gold.

Trading is not as prominent in Diablo 4 as it was in the previous games. However, it is still a feature many players use to acquire in-game items. Blizzard is stating that it is aware of an exploit that players found in the system and is taking measures to fix it. In an effort to maintain the in-game economy, the publisher has shut down trading until a fix is in place.

That’s not all, some players are also using an item duplication glitch to increase the value of their inventory. This combination has seen extreme levels of inflation in the game, with items being sold for billions of gold.

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Is Diablo 4 player trading completely stopped?

Blizzard has suspended player trading completely until solutions to the item duplication and infinite gold exploits are found.

Blizzard staff confirmed the move on the official Blizzard website.

“We’ve suspended player trading in Diablo 4 until further notice due to a gold and item duplication exploit,” a community manager said.

Maintaining an in-game economy can be an enormous challenge in large multiplayer games like Diablo 4. Allowing sellers to be effectively rewarded for their gameplay without having it stunt the in-game progression of buyers is a difficult balancing act. It’s made even more difficult by bugs, exploits, and gold farmers.

The shutdown of Diablo 4 trading is likely an inconvenience for many players who weren’t doing anything wrong. That said, the service is almost impossible to use with the game as it currently stands. This continues what has been a difficult first few months for Diablo 4, defined by backlash from fans and influencers for repeated shakeups to player progression and the game’s difficulty.

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What is item duping in Diablo 4?

Item duping in Diablo 4 is the act of using a bug or exploit in order to create an exact copy of an item.

Players on the Diablo 4 subreddit reported seeing trade requests with extraordinary pricing, with some offers going for billions of gold. This has seen trading become difficult for anyone that doesn’t use these exploits.

Diablo 4 players who use item duplication or gold exploits risk being suspended or permanently banned.

Gold and items acquired by “nefarious” means could be removed from the accounts as well. Many players are demanding Blizzard remove all of the “fake” gold from the game before it ruins the Diablo 4 economy. The effects of this extreme price inflation could linger for years otherwise.  

It remains to be seen what Blizzard will do to the gold and items acquired via glitches and exploits. Blizzard has been very willing to hand out bans in Diablo 4. This was seen with a previous exploit that lets players bring their eternal character to the seasonal realm.

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