Diablo 4 players are being banned for using seasonal exploit

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Blizzard is now handing out Diablo 4 bans to players using a popular exploit.

This is the first ban wave specific to in-game exploits to hit the ARPG as Blizzard begins their seasonal live model. This “seasonal exploit” allowed players to use their Eternal characters on the seasonal realm. 

What’s the Diablo 4 seasonal exploit?

Seasonal realms are temporary worlds created just for a particular season of the game. Players are supposed to start a new seasonal character and play through the game for exclusive seasonal rewards. However, players soon found that they could transfer their already well leveled Eternal character to the seasonal mode. The exploit had far-reaching implications as players were transferring high-level gear and gold to the seasonal realm. 

The exploit is tricky to pull off as players need to be disconnected from the internet at the right time. If you pull it off and log back in correctly, you’ll find your Eternal character in the seasonal realm. 


The exploit carried a risk of bans from the beginning, and now those bans are finally here. 

The bans were first highlighted on Reddit, where players observed others being banned from the game for utilizing the seasonal exploit.

Who is getting Diablo 4 bans?

Only those who abused the seasonal exploit are getting their Diablo 4 accounts banned. There are no reports of gamers being banned just for being associated with players who’ve used the exploit. So if your friend used the seasonal exploit and you adventure with them, you’ll still be safe. 

Blizzard community manager PezRadar posted replied to a post on BlueTracker with details on the ban wave.

“I just wanted to let everyone know that this was addressed a few days ago in our last hotfix and hasn’t been present in the game since,” PezRadar said. “We have also actioned on select accounts related to this incident. We appreciate everyone for bringing this to our attention.”

The latest Diablo 4 update is plagued with bugs and in-game issues. Blizzard says that it’s fast at work making sure the game plays as intended. This ban wave does show some evidence of that.

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