Call of Duty coming to Xbox Game Pass Day-1, but there’s a catch

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Microsoft is reportedly set to add Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass and reports suggest the company will add new tiers to the service in preparation for the move.

The Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger dominated games industry news in 2023, and Microsoft eventually achieved their multi-billion dollar deal. However, the results of the partnership haven’t exactly borne fruit yet. Layoffs hit Blizzard hard in January 2024, and Activision has reportedly shifted all its focus to producing Call of Duty titles.

Xbox executives clearly feel strongly about Game Pass and seem to be betting on it as the future of Microsoft’s gaming industry presence. There’s no clearer demonstration of that than the reported plans to deliver Call of Duty games to the service on day one.

Are Call of Duty games coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one?

Microsoft will reportedly release new Call of Duty titles on Xbox Game Pass with day-one availability.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft will bring the Call of Duty franchise to the Xbox Game Pass service, and not just its back catalog. Microsoft promised to bring AAA games to Xbox Game Pass on day one, and the likes of Starfield show the company’s stuck to that promise. Despite mixed reviews among critics, Starfield proved to be a commercial success, even with its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass.

If the same thing happens for the next Call of Duty game, Microsoft’s gaming division may focus on supporting Game Pass full-time with lucrative Day One offerings. What that means for Xbox’s first-party exclusives remains to be seen, especially with the recent closure of Tango Gameworks and subsequent porting of Hi-Fi Rush to other consoles. Another concern among fans is what this means for Xbox Game Pass’ current price.

Will Xbox Game Pass be more expensive?

Multiple reports have indicated that Xbox Game Pass will get a price hike and that a new subscription tier will be added.

Notable Xbox leaker “eXtas1s” claims Xbox Game Pass will get new tiers in light of the recent Call of Duty news. The leaker previously broke the news on Xbox exclusive Hellblade 2’s release date before the official announcement.

No other details are known right now and Microsoft has not confirmed Call of Duty coming to Xbox Game Pass or that a price hike will happen. Speculation has still begun on what the new pricing model will be.

Many believe Xbox will follow PlayStation’s format with PS Plus. The more expensive the tier, the more features become available to the player. Given the high-profile acquisition of the franchise, Call of Duty may be the hook for the most expensive tier. There’s also the possibility of an ad-driven Game Pass tier to the service that may offer better prices than the standard version.

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