Total War: Star Wars is reportedly coming, but what will it play like?

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Creative Assembly is reportedly developing a Total War: Star Wars game, bringing a new spin to the long-running series.

The Star Wars and Total War series coming together makes a lot of sense, given both the subject matter and how the two franchises present war. The films’ sweeping shots of companies of clone troopers headed to battle are a HUD away from looking like screenshots. Not only that but with EA Games’ exclusivity deal with Disney now a thing of the past, fans are being treated to everything from Star Wars Fortnite events to remakes of classic Star Wars games.

Total War developer Creative Assembly’s last futuristic take on the series, Total War: Warhammer 3, launched in 2022 to strong reviews. The studio has more time on its hands with the hero shooter Hyenas now canceled. So is a Total War: Star Wars really coming?

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Total War: Star Wars is in development alongside two other games

Creative Assembly was reportedly working on Total War: Star Wars alongside other new Total War games.

The news comes from a report by DualShockers. While the Total War series has mostly focused on historical periods and figures, the series has also partnered with Games Workshop for the Total War: Warhammer series. The studio had three games in development as of October 2023, with the Star Wars game being among them.

The game has not been officially confirmed by Disney or Creative Assembly. Officially, the studio is working on a major update to Total War: Pharoah, which was released in October 2023.

No release date info has been revealed for the potential Total War: Star Wars game. Given how the studio has released eight games in the last 10 years, it’s possible it may see daylight sooner rather than later. Assuming that Creative Assembly continues with the tradition of releasing a game almost every year, it could hit storefronts anywhere from late 2024 to 2027. 

When is Total War: Star Wars in the timeline?

It is unknown when the game could be set in the Star Wars timeline. The Star Wars universe is vast and multiple eras could be incorporated into a game. 

The easiest approach would be to pick the Clone Wars period as it has the highest number of factions, opposing sides, and large-scale battles. It is unlikely that Creative Assembly would dare take on the Old Republic or New Republic eras, which remain largely unexplored. 

The other question is what manner of combat will be depicted. Battles in Star Wars take place between troopers on the ground and ships in space alike. Which one would this game cover, and could it be both? Fans can only kick back and wait for official news to come out.

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