Star Wars KOTOR Remake lives, but Sony reportedly dropped it

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The highly anticipated Star Wars: KOTOR remake is alive, but reports suggest that its platform situation might be murky.

The massively popular RPG from 2003 is still getting a remake, but the journey hasn’t been smooth for the title. The game was announced in 2021, with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games acting as the co-publishers. The move would see the title released as a PlayStation exclusive for a set period but in the three years since, plans have reportedly changed.

According to reports, there’s been a shakeup when it comes to the game’s publisher situation. This news could be good for Xbox fans, as the game will come to their console of choice sooner, but may indicate a lack of faith in the remake’s actual quality.

They’re still making Star Wars: KOTOR Remake, but it may not be a PlayStation exclusive anymore

Saber Interactive has confirmed that it is still making Star Wars: KOTOR Remake, but it may have been dropped by Sony.

The update comes after an IGN interview with Saber Interactive’s CEO who said that the game is “alive and well.” It comes from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who stated that PlayStation now has “nothing to do” with the game on Twitter. The tweet follows his previous reporting that the Star Wars: KOTOR Remake wasn’t being worked on.

Any possible platform exclusivity conditions before this were unclear. Regardless, Sony no longer bankrolling the project could result in a full multi-platform release. When that will happen is unclear, however.

When will the Star Wars: KOTOR Remake come out?

There is no estimated release date for Star Wars KOTOR Remake, but previous official statements suggest it may be far from being finished.

When it was announced in September 2021, the game was being developed by Aspyr but shifted developers in 2022. Parent company Embracer Group handed the development to Saber Interactive but Saber Interactive split from the company and went independent, making it unclear whether the game had been left in limbo as a result.

Before Saber split away from Embracer Group, Embracer’s CEO indicated that the company had a AAA licensed game in development that wouldn’t be coming out for at least 12 months. This would mean that Star Wars: KOTOR Remake’s release date won’t come until mid-2025 at the earliest, though Saber’s split from Embracer could push this back even further. It’s possible it remains in development for years to come.

Star Wars fans can still look forward to Star Wars: Outlaws, a single-player game made by Ubisoft. Star Wars: Outlaws is still tracking to release this year.

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