Rating boards clear Star Wars Outlaws, release date reveal soon?

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Star Wars Outlaws received ratings from game rating agencies in Korea and Australia, suggesting an official release date might be imminent.

Star Wars Outlaws was first teased in 2021 by Ubisoft, after which it revealed multiple gameplay trailers and cinematics to give fans an idea of what to expect in the upcoming Massive Entertainment-developed game. While Disney only revealed that Star Wars Outlaws will launch in “late 2024,” the title got a rating from the Australian Classification Board and Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee.

While fans don’t have an official release date for the upcoming Star Wars game, the ratings suggest it might be on the horizon. A release date announcement would also put the worries of multiple fans who thought the game might get delayed to 2025 to rest.

Star Wars Outlaws given age ratings, possibly foretelling release date reveal

The Australian Classification Board and Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee gave Star Wars Outlaws age ratings, with both marking the game as inappropriate for children.

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The game got a rating of 19+ in Korea for “realistic simulation of speculative behavior” and “a mini-game with content involving in-game betting and dividends.” This likely suggests that there will be mini-games with simulated betting.

Star Wars Outlaws got rated M for mature by the Australian Board, with the tags “Online Interactivity” and “Science Fiction Violence,” suggesting the game will have some sort of multiplayer elements. While most fans assumed the game would be a single-player-only experience, that seemingly won’t be the case. It’s unclear what multiplayer might look like but this is now one of the biggest outstanding questions there is about Star Wars Outlaws, outside its release date.

Once a game gets an official rating, it implies an advanced state of development where the bulk of its content is set in stone. Board ratings being used to leak unannounced games has been a trend, as was seen with Shin Megami Tensei 5 Vengeance.

Even though a game gets rated, it doesn’t always mean it’s releasing soon. Shin Megami Tensei 5 Vengeance received a rating in February 2024 but was confirmed to be launching in June 2024. The same could be the case with Star Wars Outlaws. Regardless, another major reveal for the game could be coming soon.

Is Star Wars Outlaws still coming out in 2024?

Star Wars Outlaws is still seemingly on pace for a 2024 release, as neither Ubisoft nor Disney has indicated otherwise. These age ratings also suggest that the game is on its proper course.

A release window was leaked by an unlikely source. A Disney Parks blog post stated fans can expect to get their hands on Star Wars Outlaws by stating, “Star Wars Outlaws, the open world Star Wars game, is set to release late this year.” 

Before the post, fans only knew that the game was to be released sometime in 2024. However, the shift to “late 2024” had some assuming the game might get delayed to 2025. While there’s still no official word on a release date, there’s no cause for alarm at this point. Unlike with some other Star Wars games.

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