Everything to know about the No Man’s Sky Orbital Update

no man's sky orbital update

Gaming’s best redemption story continues as No Man’s Sky’s Orbital update has finally arrived, bringing the much-requested space station overhaul and much more. 

Hello Games launched No Man’s Sky almost 8 years ago receiving a lot of backlash. The game was released in an almost broken state, with key features missing and a gameplay loop that was brushed off as monotonous by many. Fans and critics were not kind to the game, Hello Games, or the face of the company, Sean Murray, the CEO.

Over the years, No Man’s Sky has gradually won people over with its completely free updates bringing game-changing mechanics to the game. Fans call the updates “free DLC” due to the quality and the sheer amount that they’ve added to the game over time. No Man’s Sky Orbital Update is the 27th for the game, bringing even more space to explore and adding a bit more life to inhabited areas. 

Space stations get major overhaul in latest No Man’s Sky update 

The biggest change in the Orbital Update is the complete overhaul of the space stations found across the galaxy in No Man’s Sky.

“It’s an aspect which every player encounters almost every time they embark on a new adventure,” Murray stated.

Space stations are largely the same as they were when No Man’s Sky first launched, with no significant improvements or changes since release. Space stations are an important part of No Man’s Sky’s gameplay loop as a place to trade, acquire equipment upgrades, fast travel, and accept missions. 

The No Man’s Sky Orbital update now procedurally generates the space stations. Previously, all stations looked more or less the same no matter which part of the universe the players went to. The new update features vast interiors in space stations with improved reflections and metallic surfaces. The outsides will also be visually unique. Bigger interiors will offer more space for shops, NPCs, and more. 

What’s in the No Man’s Sky Orbital Update?

Alongside the space station changes, the No Man’s Sky Orbital update also brings starship customization features that let players edit their ships.

Space stations will feature a fabricator that allows players to build their own explorer, fighter, or hauler starships. Players salvaging a ship can now change individual parts, letting them remove just the wings or thrusters. The materials netted from salvaging can then be used in new creations. The fabricator also provides color and paint options, letting players add some extra flair to their spacecrafts. 

The No Man’s Sky Orbital launched on March 27 and is free for all who own the game. Even with a new game on the way, Murray stated the “more will follow” the Orbital Update.

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