Splinter Cell Remake release date info, details may be coming soon

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The secretive Splinter Cell Remake may be stepping into the light, and fans could soon get information on its release date, gameplay, and changes from the original.

Ubisoft released the first Splinter Cell title in 2002 and released new titles regularly Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist in 2013. From there, the series went dormant. Ubisoft stated that a remake of the original Splinter Cell game would revive the series, but fans haven’t heard about it since 2021.

That might change soon. Shortly after Ubisoft announced the Ubisoft Forward event, Ubisoft Toronto changed its social media profiles to highlight Splinter Cell. These apparent teases might give fans an idea about what’s in store for the series.

Will there be a new Splinter Cell game?

Ubisoft officially announced it was working on a remake of the first Splinter Cell game in 2021, but little has been said about the game since.

The company announced the remake in 2021 and stated that its Toronto branch was developing it. Ubisoft also said that the remake is made using Snowdrop, the same engine used in Tom Clancy’s The Division. After the initial announcement, Ubisoft went silent about Splinter Cell Remake’s development and release date.

ubisoft toronto twitter header
Ubisoft Toronto’s header on Twitter

However, Ubisoft Toronto changed its social media handles shortly after Ubisoft announced the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event. Since the social media profile changes were by Ubisoft Toronto, the same studio reportedly working on Splinter Cell Remake, it’s easy to conclude that this is a tease. 

While it’s been more than a decade since Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the IP itself has popped up here and there. Series protagonist Sam Fisher appeared in crossover events in two Ghost Recon games. The character is also a playable operator in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and the series is referenced in XDefiant. Unfortunately, the most notable mention was the now-canceled Splinter Cell VR game that was announced in 2020.

When will Splinter Cell Remake release date info

Ubisoft has not announced when the Splinter Cell Remake will be released.

Although Ubisoft hasn’t revealed when the remake is launching, the company might share progress on the title during the June 10, 2024 Ubisoft Forward event. Years removed from the remake’s reveal, Ubisoft might finally share gameplay and a release date for the title. Ubisoft Toronto is hiring people to join the Splinter Cell team, suggesting that the studio is still working on the series.

It’s unclear exactly how long the game has been in development, and the scope of the remake is also unclear. That makes it difficult to pin down when it may come out. Ideally, Ubisoft will give an official answer this summer.

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