New leaks on Resident Evil 1 remake may reveal camera changes

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More details are being reported on by leakers and influencers regarding the potential Resident Evil 1 remake including possible perspective and camera changes.

Capcom is riding high on the success of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village, with both receiving major Game of the Year Award nominations. The company has made three successful REmakes, all of which have enjoyed commercial and critical success. The Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes were popular enough that players wondered about the original also receiving an overhaul.

Resident Evil 1 Jill Halway
Resident Evil 1’s fixed camera perspective.

The original Resident Evil was released in 1996 and received several updated versions, including the GameCube remake released in 2002. The title also received an HD remaster, which is available on all modern platforms. The slower pace and fixed camera angles made for tense exploration in the original and that approach is reportedly set to stay intact in the remake.

Resident Evil 1 remake could feature a third-person camera, drop the fixed perspective 

The leak suggests that the Resident Evil 1 Remake will have a “different third-person camera” and have slower-paced gameplay similar to the original.

The original game used a fixed camera to heighten the claustrophobic atmosphere and improve graphical fidelity. Players would often have no view of the zombies in the game but could hear the creatures shambling around. The fixed camera angle gave players a consistent view of an area, making small changes to the scenery impactful. According to Biohazard Declassified, that’s going to change:

A new third-person camera might be modern and more convenient but would require changes to accommodate for the new perspective. The leak also claims that the lore will be explored further. Characters like Albert Wesker in particular have had their backstory swell to an enormous size over time. 

Regarding the graphics, Biohazard Declassified stated that the game won’t use pre-rendered backgrounds this time. Each room will load background assets when the game initially loads and stream additional assets when a door is opened. This new rendering method is intended to improve visuals and lighting and will likely make it similar to the other Resident Evil remakes.

Capcom teased that a Resident Evil 5 remake will happen, and is reportedly working on the next mainline game in the series, Resident Evil 9.

Resident Evil 2 Remake
The over-the-shoulder camera in Resident Evil 2’s remake.

Resident Evil 1 remake will update gameplay with new style of zombies

Zombies in the Resident Evil 1 remake are reportedly slower and tankier than those of the other Resident Evil remakes. The original game had a limited number of enemies, but also a fixed amount of ammunition and healing items.

Capcom is said to be making the zombies slow to move. also giving them unique models. It remains to be seen if Capcom also gives them unique AI or voices. This could add a dynamic element to encounters but may be difficult to implement.

The GameCube remake also added “crimson head” zombies. Zombies would reanimate if players didn’t decapitate them or burn their bodies after defeating them. This mechanic hasn’t been seen in other Resident Evil games, but will reportedly return for the RE 1 remake.

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