Check out Faker’s new Ahri skins, then cry over their absurd price

faker immortalized legend ahri skin

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is going to get his long-awaited Ahri skin to commemorate his hall of fame induction, but it comes at a shockingly high price.

One of the big questions after T1 won Worlds 2023 was which champion each player on the team would pick. Many were expecting Faker to pick Ahri, one of League of Legends’ most recognizable champions. Instead, Faker opted for two surprising champions and indicated that he’ll instead pick Ahri the next time he wins Worlds.

It’s still possible that the Unkillable Demon King will get a fifth round of Worlds skins, judging from T1’s strong showing in MSI 2024. But Faker-themed Ahri skins are guaranteed now with a new battle pass based on his induction into the Hall of Legends.

Faker confirmed as League of Legends’ first hall of famer, gets more skins in his honor

New skins for Ahri and Leblanc are coming to League of Legends honoring Faker’s induction into the Hall of Legends.

The Hall of Legends is LoL esports’ newly established hall of fame. Riot Games confirmed Faker as the first inductee, a decision that surprised few. Faker is widely regarded as the best player in League of Legends history, and arguably the greatest of all time across all esports.

This reputation stems from four world championships, two MSI championships, and 10 LCK titles. Alongside Faker’s packed trophy mantel is the simple fact of his longevity. Few players who were competing in LoL esports when he won his first championship remain in the game. Nobody else has unshakeably stood at the top throughout that entire time.

Faker’s resume warrants a special skin, and Riot Games delivered with a dazzling, evolving Ahri skin. While the skin itself was widely praised, fans were stunned by its price.

What’s the real price of Faker’s Ahri skin?

There are three different versions of Faker’s Legend Ahri skin that cost roughly $45, $220, or $450 worth of RP.

The exact costs are as follows:

  • Hall of Legends Pass– 1,950 RP
  • Risen Legend Collection– 5,430 RP
  • Immortalized Legend Collection– 32,430 RP
  • Signature Immortalized Legend Collection– 59,260 RP

Because the price of RP varies based upon how much is purchased at a time and there is no way to buy these skins outright, there isn’t an exact dollar figure. Suffice it to say, the skins are expensive.

faker risen legend leblanc skin
The Risen Legend Leblanc skin is the centerpiece of the Hall of Legends Pass

The Risen Legend Ahri skin is bundled alongside the Hall of Legends Pass, a taunt, and other in-game cosmetics. The Hall of Legends Pass costs 1,950 and offers rewards including Faker’s past Worlds skins for Zed, Ryze, and Syndra and various profile items including 14 icons, a banner, and a ward. The centerpiece is the exclusive Risen Legend Leblanc skin.

The price of Faker’s Risen Legend Ahri skin is relatively affordable for those considering the Hall of Legends pass. The pass costs $20 on its own, so the Risen Legend skin is “only” about $25. The Immortalized Legend Ahri skins are where the price tag skyrockets.

Why do the Hall of Legends skins cost so much?

The premium Ahri skins come with what Riot dubs “never-before-implemented features.”

faker risen legend ahri skin
The Risen Legend Ahri skin honors Faker, at a more affordable price

This makes them some of the most elaborate and eye-catching skins in League of Legends. The skins have a special effect when destroying structures and after killing enemy champions, transformations, and new voiceover work. Other profile cosmetic items are included in the bundles. The Signature Immortalized Legend Collection includes extra effects for the skins and profile items. Its bundle also includes chromas for Faker’s Zed, Ryze, and Syndra Worlds skins.

Riot has decked out these skins and had played them up as a big deal with a series of trailers released through its website. The astronomical price tag still isn’t sitting well with fans. It also comes at a contentious time for Riot with simmering frustration over various subjects including the rollout of Vanguard anti-cheat and sweeping layoffs at the company. The good news is that Faker receives 30% of the proceeds from purchases of the Hall of Legends event.

Here’s the release date for Faker’s hall of fame Ahri skins, and when they go away

The Hall of Legends event begins on June 12 at 11 am PT, 2 pm ET.

The Hall of Legends Pass and Faker’s Ahri skins will be available for those who can stomach the price. They won’t be around for long, however.

Riot Games confirmed that the skins will disappear from the shop on July 8 when the event ends. The publisher strongly suggested that they will not be coming back any time soon and will be unavailable in loot pools or re-rolls. As such, players with money to burn and an alter to Faker in their closet won’t want to wait.

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