Riot says cost of Faker’s Ahri skin bundles is actually “generous”

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Riot Games preemptively responded to outrage from League of Legends players over the cost of the new Ahri skins honoring Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

Faker being the first inductee into LoL esports’ hall of fame, the Hall of Legends, was warmly met by fans. The teases of a unique, glamorous skin to honor his career was also met with approval. The official reveal of the Ahri skins was met with universal praise from fans. Riot knew the next part wasn’t going to be as popular, though.

After fans noticed the incredibly high price tag for the Hall of Legends line of Ahri skins, social media melted down. This wasn’t unexpected, though. Before fans actually had a chance to ask questions, Riot posted a FAQ regarding the wallet-emptying requirement.

Riot Games gives explanation for high cost of Faker’s hall of fame Ahri skins

Riot Games justified the high price of the Hall of Legends Ahri skins by citing “never-before-implemented features” and stating that they “are meant to be highly commemorative.”

The Immortalized Legend Ahri skins are undoubtedly unique. As Riot suggested, they have unique features that set it apart even from the ultimate-tier skins that are historically presented as the most prestigious in the game.

From transformations to a custom visual announcer to unique effects when knocking down structures and killing opponents, the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin has every bell and whistle possible. Alongside this, the bundles include an assortment of items to deck out profiles. The Signature Immortalized Legend skin goes a step further by adding even more flare to these special effects, and adding extra items to the bundle.

While few are questioning the quality of the skins, it’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming asking price.

How much do Faker’s Ahri skins cost?

Faker’s Ahri skins cost approximately $45, $220, or $450 worth of RP depending on which one the player gets.

The comparatively affordable Risen Legend Ahri skin is significantly less flashy than its Immortal Legend skin counterparts. Though it still has an eye-catching look and unique effects, it doesn’t have the transformations and other elements of the Immortalized Legend skins.

faker risen legend ahri skin
Risen Legend Ahri skin

While it technically costs just around $25, in practice it costs about $45 as it’s forcibly bundled with the Hall of Legends Pass. The Hall of Legends Pass costs 1,950 RP on its own, while the Risen Legend Collection costs 5,430 RP. The Hall of Legends Pass lets players unlock the Risen Legend Leblanc skin and Faker’s skins from previous SKT T1 world championships. This isn’t an outrageous price for a skin by League of Legends standards, but fans took umbrage with how Riot discussed it.

According to Riot, the Hall of Legends Pass and Risen Legend Collection are “some of [the] most generous bundles to date.” That generosity is still gated behind a sizable investment of both RP and time, as players will need to grind their way through 100 levels of battle pass in order to earn all those rewards.

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