Did OLESYALIBERMAN receive a permanent ban on Twitch?


Twitch has handed down yet another ban following its recent rules update, and fans of streamer OLESYALIBERMAN are worried that it might be permanent.

The popular streamer, who boasts nearly one million followers on Twitch, is just the latest to swatted away from the streaming platform. Twitch has delivered a series of bans following a new set of rules explicitly meant to combat the latest “Twitch meta,” and it could have big consequences for streamers who have already suffered multiple bans previously.

OLESYALIBERMAN latest streamer to receive ban on Twitch after rule changes

OLESYALIBERMAN received another ban on Twitch after the platform’s recent rule changes went into effect. These changes are primarily concerned with streamers focusing their streams on “intimate” parts of their body. While Twitch does not explicitly define what counts as intimate in this context, it’s not hard to guess at given the latest trends on the platform.

Ever since the first hot tub and poolside streams began popping up on the platform, content creators have been playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Twitch. The streaming platform updates its rules and policies to try to limit what content creators are able to show on Twitch, and those creators then find new ways to get around those new rules.

The latest update seems to have had particularly significant effects on creators. A number of popular streamers found themselves simultaneously banned shortly after the changes went into effect. Other streamers have followed them in the days since, and OLESYALIBERMAN is now among them.

While most of those streamers eventually had their bans rescinded, not all of them have been so fortunate, and there’s no guarantee that OLESYALIBERMAN will be either. For the streamer’s part, she doesn’t seem overly concerned.

Her fans may have some reason for concern, however. This is Olesya’s fifth ban on Twitch, and at that number it’s possible that she may begin receiving more severe consequences. Most of her bans have been for three days, and that remains her greatest ban length to date.

It’s possible, however, that this latest ban may be longer, and perhaps even a permanent ban from Twitch. OLESYALIBERMAN hasn’t offered any public comments on her status on the platform, and Twitch has been predictably quiet about it. It is the streaming platform’s policy not to directly address its suspensions of streamers.

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