Find out all editions of Star Wars Outlaws and if they’re worth it

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Star Wars Outlaws officially has a release date, and as is tradition with most AAA games, it comes in multiple editions with each version having some differences in its offering.

Ubisoft finally revealed the release date for Star Wars Outlaws and both digital and physical retailers have begun accepting preorders for the game. As the first-ever open-world Star Wars game, fans would have been excited regardless. The uncertain future of competitors like the Star Wars Jedi series kicks things up a notch though, and could see Ubisoft become the dominant force in the Star Wars video game space.

The official story trailer focuses on the game’s protagonist, Kay Vess. Vess is set to take part in a monumental heist to buy her way out of the scoundrel life and work her way up the galaxy’s social hierarchy. Fans can now preorder Star Wars Outlaws, with multiple editions to choose from, but discerning consumers will want to make sure they know which version is worth it for them and what the differences are between each one.

What’s in the Star Wars Outlaws Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition versions?

Star Wars Outlaws has a standard, gold, and ultimate edition. Each pre-order, regardless of edition, also comes with a pre-order bonus that contains a cosmetic pack for the player’s speeder and the Trailblazer spaceship.

Star Wars Outlaws Standard Edition:

  • Base version of the game

Star Wars Outlaws Gold Edition:

  • Base version of the game
  • Season Pass
  • Three days early access

Star Wars Outlaws Ultimate Edition:

  • Base version of the game
  • Season Pass
  • Three days early access
  • Digital art book
  • Rogue Infiltrator cosmetic items
  • Sabacc Shark cosmetic items

The standard edition costs $69.99 and comes with the base game. Next, The gold edition costs $109.99 and gives players three days early access on top of a Season Pass. The Season Pass contains an exclusive mission called Jabba’s Gambit, the Kessel Runner Character Pack which features cosmetic items, and two unannounced post-launch DLCs. 

Finally, Star Wars Outlaws Ultimate Edition costs $129.99. This edition includes everything from other editions, a digital artbook, the Rogue Infiltrator cosmetics bundle, and the Sabacc Shark cosmetics bundle. Notably, subscribers of Ubisoft Plus will have the Ultimate Edition with their subscription. Price-wise, a Ubisoft Plus subscription costs $17.99 monthly.

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Is it worth buying Star Wars Outlaws Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition?

It’s unknown whether Star Wars Outlaws’ premium versions will be worth purchasing, or if the differences will warrant the increased price tag.

Fans on social media have expressed disappointment at the pricing of Star Wars Outlaws the bundled versions. The standard edition already costs a hefty $69.99 and the $40 jump to gold edition is unusual, as this pricing suggests that the season pass will cost $40. “Deluxe edition” versions are typically the same price as the base game and season pass, with the value-add of early access.

That’s a steep price tag and it’s one that comes at a time of both increasing frustration among gamers over the growing price tags of games and sweeping layoffs across the industry. Fans aren’t necessarily opposed to shelling out this much for DLC, as seen with the equally expensive Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. But compared with FromSoftware, Ubisoft’s relationship with fans isn’t nearly as positive.

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