The Star Wars Outlaws release date finally got confirmed

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Ubisoft has dropped the latest story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws and revealed a definitive release date. 

With the Star Wars Jedi series getting put in carbonite after its director left EA Games, there has been a void for Star Wars action-adventure titles. One of the biggest games based on Star Wars is Ubisoft’s first time developing a Star Wars game in over a decade, with the publisher’s previous work being largely limited to handheld platforms like the Game Boy and PSP. The game stands out from most other Star Wars titles by focusing on characters outside the galactic war and the fight between Jedi and Sith. 

Instead, the story will focus on shifty outlaws who struggle to survive in the dystopian galaxy. This means lying, cheating, and stealing between the occasional smuggling and mercenary work. The story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws exemplifies these classic rogueish elements.

When is Star Wars Outlaws release date?

Star Wars Outlaws will launch on August 30, 2024.

The game will notably be the first open-world Star Wars video game, ever. Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return to the Jedi, the story follows Kay Vess, a young thief earning her way to a new life through crime, stealth, and a bit of panache. Interestingly, the setting means it’s a time when the Rebellion is losing and the Empire is at its peak in military and political power.

The game spans several distinct planets, each with its unique societies and ecosystems. Ubisoft initially announced the development of Star Wars Outlaws in January 2021. It wouldn’t be until June 2023 when the project finally got its title, alongside an announcement trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase. With other Star Wars titles struggling to launch as their developers undergo major ownership changes or controversies and litigation, Outlaws might be the only major video game to bear the name for a while.

Will characters from the Original Trilogy movies appear in Star Wars Outlaws?

Star Wars Outlaws will feature characters from the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

Previous trailers already revealed Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo in his carbonite coffin. As for whether other characters will pop up in the story, it’s very likely. After all, Star Wars isn’t exactly known for its restraint when it comes to cameos.

Whether the characters will be important or just mere cameos remains to be seen. Some Star Wars media, such as The Mandalorian, give established characters meatier roles than just fanservice. Ultimately, fans will get to find out for sure once Star Wars Outlaws’ release date arrives.

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