Here’s how League of Legends’ PvE mode will play, release date

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League of Legends will introduce a new PvE Mode akin to Vampire Survivors alongside a revamp of Arena mode.

Riot had an initially rough start in 2024 due to the unfortunate layoffs of 530 employees. However, the studio continued development on its many projects, with League of Legends receiving quite a few significant updates in 2024. The long-awaited Skarner VGU finally dropped in April 2024, alongside a controversial patch that added the anti-cheat system Vanguard to all regions.

However, one of the most highly-requested features since League of Legends’ inception was PvE mode. PvE modes have a rather mixed history in the competitive gaming scene, with Blizzard outright abandoning PvE for Overwatch 2 while other MOBAs like Dota 2 and Pokemon Unite only ever have PvE modes as an occasional, FOMO-fueled limited-time event. League of Legends is set to do something similar, but with a markedly different style of gameplay relative to its competitors.

LoL creating Vampire Survivors-style PvE mode

League of Legends will introduce a bullet heaven PvE mode similar to the popular indie game Vampire Survivors.

Instead of taking on a team of five other players, the new PvE mode pits individuals against hordes of enemies. Riot has toyed with the PvE concept before with modes like Odyssey: Extraction and Star Guardian. However, the devs claim this will be “markedly different” and provided some early gameplay footage to tide fans over.

As for other modes, Arena will receive a revamp that increases the number of players to 16.  That means the already hectic Arena mode will become even more chaotic. On top of the sizeable lobby, Riot has also revamped item interactions in Arena to spice up the game and make builds a more relevant part of the Arena meta.

League of Legends PvE mode release date info

The new PvE mode will launch sometime in mid-2024, according to Riot Games.

Although the team did not provide an exact date, they did say the mode would come alongside a “mid-year event” in 2024. While the teaser for the PvE mode did look very early, the mid-year release hints development is much further along.  

With upcoming titles like 2XKO and the LoL MMO in the wings, Riot fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. League of Legends’ continued support also shows that Riot’s far from done with its star-making MOBA.

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