Quantic Dreams gives Star Wars Eclipse update after years of quiet

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Star Wars Eclipse is still set to come out and hasn’t even necessarily been delayed, according to a statement from Quantic Dream.

Star Wars Eclipse was first announced at The 2021 Game Awards amid multiple controversies. The game is set hundreds of years before the films and is being developed by Quantic Dream, a studio best known for titles such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. It’s a winning formula on paper, but nothing has been mentioned about the game since.

Much like the planned finale of EA’s Star Wars Jedi trilogy, there are worries over whether Star Wars Eclipse will ever come out. However, Quantic Dream is confident in its ability to deliver as the studio’s president of marketing, Lisa Pendse, told IGN that the game is still “simmering.”

When is Star Wars Eclipse coming out?

Star Wars Eclipse has no release date or estimated launch window. The game is still in the works, according to the company.

It’s unknown why the game has been shrouded in silence since its initial announcement, but long development cycles are nothing new for Quantic Dream. The company has also undergone several major shifts over recent years.

In 2018 and 2019, Quantic Dream faced numerous reports of a hostile work environment and lost multiple court cases related to this. These losses came both as a defendant against former employees and as a plaintiff in libel suits against outlets that reported the story. The company won a libel case against a different publication for the same story after it refused to name anonymous sources.

While Quantic Dream had previously strictly been a developer, it started publishing games from outside studios starting in 2021 with Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut. The company was also acquired by Chinese tech conglomerate NetEase in 2022.

Is Star Wars Eclipse delayed?

Quantic Dream claims that Star Wars Eclipse is not delayed.

The quickest turnaround between games for the studio was Heavy Rain in 2010 and Beyond: Two Souls in 2013. The rest of the release gaps are longer, as was the case with Detroit: Become Human, which came out in 2018, five years after Beyond: Two Souls. The release gap between Detroit: Become Human and Star Wars Eclipse is guaranteed to be the biggest in the studio’s history.

The company is partnered with Star Wars owner Disney for the project. Pendse told IGN that new parent company NetEase was “not imposing release dates on us” which could explain the quiet surrounding the game since its announcement,

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