The CS2 release date may have just been confirmed by Valve

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The next version of Counter-Strike may be arriving sooner than anticipated, if a new teaser from developer Valve is to be believed.

Fans of the Counter-Strike franchise have been waiting patiently for the CS2 release date to be revealed. It’s been established that it would likely release sometime in 2023, but details beyond that were scarce.

Leave it to Valve to provide clarity on this hot question, but to do so in a way that leaves just a touch of doubt.

Did Valve just reveal the CS2 release date?

Valve may have revealed the CS2 release date in a post on the official Counter-Strike X, formerly known as Twitter, account. The post simply asks what the account’s followers are doing “next Wednesday,” which would be September 27, 2023. And that might just be the official release date for Counter-Strike 2.

Of course, that timing isn’t entirely official just yet. But it’s easy to believe it. Valve followed up the post by posting an image of it as the account’s new background, ensuring that it was even more visible so that everyone could see.

It’s hard to see this as anything other than Valve pushing September 27, 2023 as the official CS2 release date. But it’s possible that Valve is just building up hype as much as possible before making a new date official. Fans will ultimately have to wait for that date to know for sure.

Counter-Strike 2 release could be among biggest in gaming

There’s no doubt that the release of Counter-Strike 2 is going to be a big deal, potentially with few points of comparison in gaming. The Counter-Strike franchise has been among the most popular in the gaming world going back to its original debut in 1999, and a new release in the franchise has been desired for years now.

The last official release was that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012. While CSGO has seen many updates since then, that still means it has been over a decade since the last time a new Counter-Strike game was released.

Players have clamored for CSGO 2 for years. It’s almost certain that for most, if not all, CS2 will be a perfectly suitable alternative.

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Written by Jared Wynne

Jared Wynne has been covering gaming and esports for the past two decades. He's a former competitor in Counter-Strike, and still counts it among his favorite games along with RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect. He studied journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

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