Will new Twitch ban on asianbunnyx last after Twitch rule changes?

asianbunnyx banned

Streamers have been getting banned left and right after recent rule changes on Twitch, and the ban on asianbunnyx is just the latest on the growing list.

Twitch changed its rules for streamers following the latest changes to the streaming platform’s “meta,” and this directly led to bans for a number of streamers who were involved in that meta’s development. Jessica “asianbunnyx” Ly was among them, and now just days after her new ban was rescinded, she’s been banned again.

Why was asianbunnyx banned on Twitch this time?

asianbunnyx was likely banned on Twich for reasons related to the streaming platform’s new rules. These rules prevent streamers from focusing their cameras on “intimate” parts of their bodies.

These rules have caused no shortage of confusion for streamers and fans alike, as they were left vague as to exactly which body parts are considered intimate, and for how long streamers can show those body parts before they are considered to be violating the rule.

Immediately after the new rules were put in place, a ban wave caught several popular streamers its sights. asianbunnyx was among those streamers, but the ban lasted only five hours, rendering it a mere slap on the wrist and perhaps suggesting that it had been in error.


Just over a week later, asianbunnyx now finds herself banned again, much to the frustration of her loyal fans and viewers. It’s possible that this new ban could also be rescinded in a short period of time, though it’s just as likely that the ban could last a longer period of time.

Prior to the March ban, her previous ban came in December and lasted for nine days, just over a week. Her new ban could last even longer than that.

Twitch has yet to provide any explanation as to the reason for the ban, which isn’t a surprise. Twitch does not typically explain itself when it bans streamers. When it does speak on bans, it’s usually more broad in commenting on, or clarifying, the rules themselves.

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