Here’s when Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will likely be revealed

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Warhorse Studios has an upcoming new game reveal, and reports suggest it could be Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a unique RPG in the modern era. Unlike power fantasies like Skyrim, Kingdom Come: Deliverance revels in the realism of its combat and mechanics. Hardcore gamers loved the difficulty, while history fans appreciated the attempts at authenticity, even in a moderately fantastical setting. All this was packaged in Warhorse Studios’ debut effort as a gaming studio.

Since its launch, the studio hasn’t released anything outside a Switch port of the game. However, Warhorse Studio teased a new game on social media, and it’s very likely Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 in development?

Warhorse Studios seemingly teased a reveal of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

An image posted on Twitter teased a new game reveal on April 18, Thursday at 8 pm CEST or 2 pm ET. After years of silence on its next project, the announcement of a reveal excited fans online. 

Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson claimed on Twitter that the reveal will be Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2. While Warhorse Studios hasn’t confirmed anything, the social media account has made a few vague jokes responding to people excited about the sequel.

Warhorse Studios notably released a Nintendo Switch port of Kingdom Come: Deliverance in March 2024. That is fortuitous timing for the studio, as it introduced an entire new market to the series in time for the probable reveal of the game’s sequel.

What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2’s release date?

Warhorse Studios has not confirmed Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2’s release date.

Warhorse Studios notably formed in 2011, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance didn’t launch until February 2018. If the studio immediately started work on a sequel and followed the same timeframe, the game could land in late 2024 or early 2025. The awkward working environment of 2020 to 2023 may have seen the studio operating at less than full strength during that time, but the team also likely expanded its development capacity with the success of its first game.

That said, it’s still not completely official what this new game from Warhorse is. Fans will have to look forward to the reveal, and hopefully information on its release date and gameplay.

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