Dragon Ball Sparking Zero’s release date reveal may come soon

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Video game retail chain GameStop may have leaked release date details for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero

The controversial retail chain is notorious for leaking information about new and upcoming titles. While many of the “leaks” originating from the store’s website are just placeholder, photographs of promotional materials and unannounced physical items also come out.

GameStop places empty cases with placeholder art on the store shelves, especially for an upcoming video game. This sometimes indicates that a release date announcement is coming soon, and the store is preparing for an influx of preorders. The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero leak might be just that: GameStop is preparing for preorders.

Is the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero preorder release date coming soon?

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero may be set for a release date announcement, judging from marketing materials appearing at retail.

The poster, sparking_gohan, takes credit for taking the photos of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero cases in GameStop. The photos showed the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game with placeholder covers.

As the user name suggests, the Instagram account is filled with photos and news snippets of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. The user is already dedicated to the game and is looking forward to its release. The latest post claims that Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will have the most extensive roster in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

In a vacuum, marketing materials appearing at GameStop doesn’t guarantee anything. Silent Hill 2 remake posters were hung at locations across the United States in March leading to speculation that a release date, or possibly a shadow drop, were imminent. This didn’t materialize and the game is now scheduled for a release in October. But that’s not the only indication that Dragon Ball Sparking Zero’s release date may be revealed soon.

Will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero be at the Summer Fest?

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is confirmed to appear at Summer Game Fest on June 7, 2024.

The official Summer Game Fest X account confirmed that Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will appear on Friday, June 7. Fans can expect new footage of the game with possible new character reveals for the title.

The Summer Game Fest platform would also be the perfect time to launch the preorders and announce the game’s release date. Fans expect new footage to show plenty of characters and the story mode. Whether the previously reported October release date is accurate, fans may find out during the Summer Game Fest.

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