Dying Light 2 steering into microtransactions with DL Points

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Dying Light 2 is launching a new in-game currency called DL Points to encourage more microtransactions in the zombie adventure game. 

In a lengthy blog post on the Pilgrim Outpost, Techland announced the new currency and labeled it as “a better way” to purchase bundles and in-game items. There are plenty of bundles available for purchase for Dying Light 2, but players are taken out of the game to purchase them. The new in-game currency lets players stay in Dying Light 2 and do microtransactions.

DL Points will be available for purchase for real money on first-party stores accessible via the in-game market. The new system is similar to those seen in other games under the Tencent Holdings umbrella.

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What are DL Points in Dying Light 2?

DL Points are an in-game currency that players can use to buy bundles of cosmetics and items in Dying Light 2. The cost real money.

Dying Light 2 publisher and developer Techland states that the points will “make their lives easier” by eliminating the need for hosting bundles in separate stores. Now players can purchase DL Points from digital storefronts and then use those points to purchase skins and items within the game itself. 

The blog post also mentions better pricing for bundles. No details were shared regarding the pricing model of DL Points. However, the points themselves will be available in packs. This is a traditional premium currency method, which has occasionally been a controversial subject among gaming fans.

Fighting game Street Fighter 6 recently came under fire from fans with points-based microtransactions. Other games like Pokemon Unite and Genshin Impact have been accused of using in-game currencies to obfuscate the exact amount of real-life money that players are spending in their games.

What can I purchase with DL Points?

DL Points can be used to purchase in-game items in Dying Light 2.

Bundles already available to purchase for the game will now be available in the in-game store as well. Nothing new is being added for now. Most of the bundles are purely cosmetic or contain weapons with special effects. 

DL Points are non-refundable and players won’t be able to transfer them to another platform. This means points purchased on the PlayStation store can only be used on PlayStation consoles. 

As seen in many other games, larger purchases of DL Points offer better exchange rates than smaller purchases. There is no word on sales or events for DL points, but many other games have this sort of system. 

While introducing in-game currencies into games is a hallmark of Tencent’s approach to video games, the blog post denies that this was a factor. Games such as Pokemon Unite and League of Legends are also developed by studios owned by Tencent and have multiple in-game currencies. DL Points will arrive in Dying Light 2 with the next update. No release date was announced.

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