EA Sports returns to college football, release date details revealed

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The EA Sports is returning to the world of college football, albeit without NCAA branding, after 10 years with College Football 25 and release date info is likely coming soon.

NCAA Football was one of EA Sports’ biggest series back when the EA UFC team was still making Fight Night, offering a new annual offering of football action each year a month ahead of Madden. However, the series has been on hiatus since the release of NCAA Football 14 in 2013 due to licensing disputes. Fans hoping for a return were given a glimmer of hope in 2021 when EA Sports executive Daryl Holt told ESPN in an interview that the brand would launch EA Sports College Football in the summer of 2024.

Very little came after this, but fans finally have something to get excited about when it comes to the revival of the series. The first real teaser for EA Sports College Football 25 has arrived, offering an official release window.

EA Sports College Football 25 release date info

EA Sports announced that its highly anticipated EA Sports College Football 25 will be released this summer in a teaser trailer.

A summer 2024 release lines up with what EA said its plan was for a revival of the series in 2021, but a lawsuit between the company and the Brandr Group put that in jeopardy. The group represents athletes from 50 schools, and challenged EA Sports’ actions in obtaining the rights to the schools and likenesses of the players while alleging violations of the Brandr Group’s contracts and licensing rights. The case was dropped in November, removing the last hurdle to the game’s release.

The game will also feature popular modes along with updates to reflect recent changes in college football.

According to The Athletic, EA Sports College Football 25 will build upon the gameplay of Madden, and will not take a more arcade-style approach similar to what’s being seen with other companies. It will have off-the-field gameplay elements that make it distinct from Madden, however. The Dynasty and Road To Glory modes are expected to take center stage once again. The game will also make various additions to the 2013 version of the game to better reflect modern college football. This includes a modernized lineup of teams, an expanded playoff system, and more.

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