Elden Ring DLC: Ansbach questline guide and all possible rewards

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Sir Ansbach appears in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree very early on and has a questline that lasts players the entire DLC, with plenty of rewards to go along with it.

With loads of new bosses, enemies, and areas to explore, players can check every corner of the Land of Shadows to discover something everywhere. The DLC also brings new NPCs, some with fresh questlines players can pursue. Among them is Sir Ansbach, who has a big questline for people to go through.

Much of this is simply a back-and-forth fetch quest that can get rather confusing if the player doesn’t know where to go. Fortunately, the end rewards are worth it, with one conclusion giving players some assistance against the final boss.

Step-by-step guide for completing Sir Ansbach’s questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

After interacting with Sir Ansbach in the Gravesite Plain, players can travel across the Land of Shadow to have him assist throughout the Elden Ring DLC.

Ansbach appears in multiple locations across the Land of Shadows and killing him in different places will result in different rewards. Here’s the full step-by-step guide for finishing Ansbach’s questline:

  1. Interact with Ansbach in the Gravesite Plain
  2. Enter the Shadow Keep in Scadu Altus
  3. Talk to Ansbach in the Gravesite Plain again
  4. Interact with Freyja in the Shadow Keep Storehouse, Seventh Floor
  5. Talk to Ansbach again in the Shadow Keep Storehouse, First Floor
  6. Pick up the Secret Rite Scroll in the Shadow Keep Storehouse, Fourth Floor
  7. Talk to Ansbach about Freyja to receive the Letter for Freyja in the Shadow Keep Storehouse, First Floor
  8. Give the Secret Rite Scroll to Ansbach
  9. Interact with Leda at the Highroad Cross site of grace in Scadu Atlus, then participate in her invasion of Hornsent
  10. Go to the Storehouse, First Floor, and assist Leda or Ansbach. Assisting Leda will end Ansbach’s questline
  11. Fight Leda in Enir-Ilim where players can summon Ansbach using his gold sign if he didn’t die in the Shadow Keep
  12. Talk to Ansbach in Enir-Ilim to learn more about his past and affiliation with Mohg, Lord of Blood

From here, the player can summon Ansbach for the fight against Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s final boss.

Unlike most other questlines, starting Ansbach’s quest doesn’t require the player to go far. From the starting area of the DLC, go to the Three-Path Cross site of grace. From there, go through the door between the mountain area on the west. Follow the path to the Main Gate Cross site of grace where Ansbach will be waiting.

Here, players should exhaust Ansbach’s dialogues to start the questline. He’ll introduce himself and his companion Moore before asking the player to help him. If the player wishes to know more lore, they can interact with Moore and then talk to Ansbach again.

All possible Sir Ansbach’s quest rewards in Elden Ring DLC

Completing Sir Ansbach’s questline can yield the player various rewards including Anbach’s set, a new incantation, or a unique talisman. The rewards vary based on where the questline ends and whether they side with Ansbach against Leda.

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If the player kills Ansbach at any time, either randomly or while assisting Leda, they receive his set and his longbow. The lineup of items includes:

  • Wise Man’s Mask
  • Ansbach’s Attire
  • Ansbach’s Manchettes
  • Ansbach’s Boots
  • Ansbach’s Longbow

Ansbach’s Longbow has the unique ability to be handled like a shortbow or a longbow, alongside a unique skill in the Fan Shot, which shoots a volley of arrows at once. This makes it the lone bow in Elden Ring that is viable as a primary weapon in both the single-player game and PvP. Players can use Sleepbone Arrows to whittle down enemies before unleashing a Fan Shot to blow up enemies.

If the player assists Ansbach against Leda in the Storehouse they will receive:

  • Ansbach’s Longbow
  • Leda’s Rune (worth 40,000 runes)
  • Ansbach Summon for the final boss

If the player helps Leda kill Ansbach, they obtain the following:

  • Ansbach’s Longbow
  • Retaliatory Crossed-Tree talisman

The Retaliatory Crossed-Tree talisman boosts attacks done after a dodge role, which can be quite powerful on certain builds.

Giving Ansbach the Secret Rite Scroll allows players to summon him in the fight against Leda and her allies in Enir-Ilim. From there, players can summon Ansbach for the final boss. If the player summons Ansbach in for the final boss fight, they find his corpse in the arena with the following items:

  • Ansbach’s armor set
  • Obsidian Lamina
  • Furious Blade of Ansbach incantation

Players are generally best served by seeing Ansbach’s questline through to the end. Though the Retaliatory Crossed-Tree talisman is great reward for killing Ansbach, there’s a missable incantation and weapon up for grabs if they keep him alive. Quite simply, it’s a matter of two missable items versus one.

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