Elden Ring DLC: Full Count Ymir questline guide and all its rewards

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Count Ymir is at the center of one of the most elaborate questlines in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and players have some exploring to do in order to claim all its rewards.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC added a lot of content to the already-huge FromSoftware RPG. From new bosses who know how to pack a punch to new enemies like the infamous Furnace Golem, there’s a little something for everyone. The DLC also includes new NPCs, and one of them is Count Ymir.

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This mysterious figure sends the player on a quest across the Land of Shadows in search of ruins, giving only vague maps that could have players scratching their heads. Thankfully, the rewards players get from Count Ymir’s questline are worth the effort. Players can also avoid frustration by consulting this guide on how to get to every Finger Ruin in the Elden Ring DLC.

Where to find Count Ymir in the Elden Ring DLC

Count Ymir is in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr, found in a lake east of Castle Ensis.

Like many places of interest, reaching the Cathedral of Manus Metyr requires players to take a roundabout path. First, head to the northeast part of Moorth Ruins, which is located in the Scadu Altus region and reachable by following the Moorth Highway south path. The fastest way to reach this area is by teleporting to the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace where players meet Dryleaf Dane.

Count Ymir Location Elden Ring Dlc
Count Ymir location

Look for a leaning tower and then find a hole near its bottom. Drop through the hole and be sure to use the stone platforms to avoid dying from fall damage. This underground path eventually leads to Bonny Village which has a Site of Grace the player should activate.

Players should head east from the Bonny Village Site of Grace and cross a broken bridge leading to the other island. From here, it’s a matter of following the path until it eventually splits into two directions. Heading north leads to the Cathedral of Manus Metyr, where Count Ymir is waiting for the player.

Exhaust Count Ymir’s dialogue to acquire the Ruins Map and Hole-Laden Necklace, and to be able to learn sorceries from him as a merchant. Ymir instructs players to head to the Finger Ruins of Rhia and sound the bell there beginning the first of three exploration quests.

Step-by-step guide for completing Count Ymir’s questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

After meeting Count Ymir, players need to travel to ruins scattered around the Land of Shadows, with each step giving the player rewards.

While Count Ymir orders the players to do things in a specific order, players also have to hunt down some items separately. Here’s the step-by-step process for finishing the questline:

  1. Meet Count Ymir in Cathedral of Manus Metyr
  2. Visit Finger Ruins of Rhia, ring the bell
  3. Return to Count Ymir
  4. Obtain the O Mother gesture near Bonny Village
  5. Visit Finger Ruins of Dheo, ring the bell
  6. Return to Count Ymir, exhaust dialogue
  7. Reload area
  8. Check Ymir’s throne to find pathway to Finger Ruins of Miyr
  9. Defeat Metyr, Mother of Fingers
  10. Return to Cathedral of Manus Metyr
  11. Defeat invader
  12. Defeat Ymir, Mother of Fingers

The legwork in Count Ymir’s questline is quite literally that; traversing across the full map of the Elden Ring DLC. Players have to go to the southernmost reaches of the Land of Shadows for one Finger Ruin, then go to one of its northernmost locations for the other. Along the way, players also have to find a gesture in the central area.

After doing so, players gain access to Metyr, Mother of Fingers. This act will prompt Swordhand of Night Jolan to invade the player, who is then followed by Ymir. Defeat Jolan and Ymir, now paradoxically dubbed “Mother of Fingers” himself, to complete the questline.

All rewards for completing Count Ymir’s questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Players receive numerous items including Ymir’s equipment set, as well as sorceries and talismans. Besides this, completing it sees players acquire the Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers, which offers access to either a unique glintstone staff or a silly-but-powerful colossal weapon.

The process of meeting the Count and visiting all the Finger Ruins yields the following rewards, in this order:

  • Crimson Seed Talisman +1
  • Beloved Stardust Talisman
  • Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers

Defeating Count Ymir will end his questline and give the following rewards:

  • Ymir’s Bell Bearing
  • Maternal Staff
  • High Priest Hat
  • High Priest Robe
  • High Priest Gloves
  • High Priest Undergarments
  • Cherishing Fingers sorcery
  • Swordhand of Night Spirit Ash or Sword of Night

The gear rewards and Bell Bearing all appear in the player’s inventory via drop after defeating Ymir. The Cherishing Fingers Sorcery is found in the Church’s Graveyard after defeating him.

Rest at a site of grace and return to the church. Turn right after entering the throne room to find a dying Swordhand of Night Jolan asking the Tarnished to give her “light.” The player can give Jolan an Iris of Grace to get the Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash or an Iris of Occultation to get her Sword of Night. Players can only get one in a new game cycle.

Players can upgrade the Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash. After acquiring it with the Iris of Grace, players can find Anna in a secret area at the top of Rabbath’s Rise. This area is accessible by dropping onto a balcony from the cliffs above. If the player interacts with Anna while holding the Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash, it will transform into the Jolan and Anna Spirit Ash.

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