Changli materials guide: How to max out her Ascension Rank, forte

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As soon as the Counselor to the Jinzhou Magistrate was revealed, many players began farming all of Changli’s ascension and forte materials in hopes of making her a centerpiece for their team.

Now part of Wuthering Waves’ active roster, Changli is a new five-star Fusion Sword main DPS and sub-DPS. Known for her elegant attack strings, ground mid-air attacks, and large damage output, it’s no wonder why many players are drawn to her. For players who have managed to get her, and those still attempting to get her with Convenes, it is best to learn all of Changli’s ascension and forte materials and how to collect them.

Fortunately, grinding for her materials is quite easy, although it may cost players a hefty amount of Waveplates, Crystal Solvents, and Shell Credits. With both Changli and Jinhsi now available, players will need to start doing some resource management.

All materials needed to get Changli to maximum Ascension Rank

To reach level 80, Changli requires a total of 170,000 Shell Credits, 60 Pavo Plums, 46 Rage Tacet Cores, 4 Crude Rings, 12 Basic Rings, 12 Improved Rings, and 4 Tailored Rings. 

Changli can go through six ascensions, with different sets of materials required for each one. Below is a detailed list of all the materials players need for each ascension.

  • Ascension Rank 1: 5,000 Shell Credit, Crude Ring
  • Ascension Rank 2: 10,000 Shell Credit, 4 Pavo Plum, 3 Rage Tacet Core, 4 Basic Ring
  • Ascension Rank 3: 15,000 Shell Credit, 8 Pavo Plum, 6 Rage Tacet Core, 8 Basic Ring
  • Ascension Rank 4: 20,000 Shell Credit, 12 Pavo Plum, 9 Rage Tacet Core, 4 Improved Ring
  • Ascension Rank 5: 40,000 Shell Credit, 16 Pavo Plum, 12 Rage Tacet Core, 8 Improved Ring
  • Ascension Rank 6:  80,000 Pavo Plum, 20 Pavo Plum, 16 Rage Tacet Core, 4 Tailored Ring

Shell Credits come from a wide variety of sources. They can pile up fast, but character ascensions and weapon upgrades can swiftly drain them all. If players ever run low, they can simply head toward Yhan in Jinzhou and do some simulation training. 

As for the plant Pavo Plum, it can be found across the map in specific regions. Players who run out of this material can simply purchase it from the Shifang Pharmacy for 1,000 Shell Credits each. Alternatively, they can enter another world and farm it there instead.

On the other hand, acquiring Rage Tacet Cores costs thousands of waveplates and involves many battles. To obtain them, head to the Sea of Flames area in the Port City of Guixi, and defeat the Inferno Rider. Defeating this enemy can reward players with up to three Rage Tacet Cores, along with various other materials, in exchange for 60 Waveplates. After defeating the Inferno Rider, players can also absorb the echo, which is currently the best-in-slot for Changli.


Lastly, Changli requires various rings, which come in different rarities including Crude, Basic, Improved, and Tailored. These items can be obtained by defeating Exiles and purchasing them from the store and weapon shop. As players progress through Sol-3 phases, they’ll receive more rewards from drops. However, if they need additional materials, the Synthesizer in Jinzhou can help.

All the materials Changli needs for her forte in Wuthering Waves

To level up Changli’s forte, players will need Shell Credits, Crude Rings, Basic Rings, Improved Rings, Tailored Rings, Metallic Drips, and Sentinel’s Daggers. Whether she is used as a main DPS or a sub DPS, it is always best to allocate resources to her fortes to turn her into a better unit in those roles.

Here’s everything Changli needs for her forte ascension: 

  • 25 LF Crude Ring
  • 28 MF Basic Ring
  • 40 HF Improved Ring
  • 57 FF Tailored Ring
  • 26 Sentinel’s Dagger
  • 25 Inert Metallic Drip
  • 28 Reactive Metallic Drip
  • 55 Polarized Metallic Drip
  • 67 Heterized Metallic Drip

Both damage dealers released in version 1.1, Changli and Jinhsi, require the Sentinel’s Dagger ascension material. To obtain 26 Sentinel’s Daggers, players must challenge the Sentinel Jue boss and spend 60 waveplates to redeem its drops. Since this is a weekly boss challenge, rewards can only be claimed once per week.

Inert Metallic Drip, Reactive Metallic Drip, Polarized Metallic Drip, and Heterized Metallic Drip are upgrade materials used to enhance weapons and fortes. Players needing these materials can try the Forgery Challenge: Flaming Remnants located near the Sea of Flames area.

And of course, Wuthering Waves can always look to the in-game Guidebook for help.While maxing out fortes and Ascension Rank is a daunting challenge, it’s manageable if players keep a close eye on things.

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